Book Tag: Your Bookish Identity

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End of the month can only mean one thing: book tag time!

It is always quite nice getting to this post: I know it’s going to be fun and relatively quick and easy to do. As the rest of the month is a battle to ensure that I have the review up on time, it makes a nice change.

This time, I’m looking at my bookish identity! I found this on Dream Land Book Blog here and definitely recommend checking out her awesome answers!

On with the tag!

1. What dystopian/fantastical world would you live in?

I would love to live in Alagaesia along with Eragon, but I’m not sure I would be cut out for that. So if not there, I would love to live in Idris. Before it gets destroyed and messed up, obviously!


2. Who would your partner be?

If it is a different series of books, that doesn’t mean I always use the same fandom, right? Cos I’m going to have to go with Will Herondale for this one, just because he would be so much fun!

3. Who would be your godly mother/father?

This question nearly put me off doing the tag just because I don’t know Percy Jackson. But some Wikipedia later and I reckon I wouldn’t mind being Artemis’ daughter. Mainly because she is a huntress and that is just cool! I admit, I know nothing more than that!ArtemisGG

4. Would you be a downworlder or nephilim?

I’d quite like to be a warlock if I’m honest – always got to go where the magic is. Or maybe a mixture of both like Tessa? I think that might be cheating to say both though so…downworlder.


5. Which house would you be in?

I’ve got to admit, I’m a Hufflepuff girl. I study hard enough to be in Ravenclaw, but loyalty and friendship has to come first!

6. What faction would you be in?

I kind of feel like they have some of the same character traits as the houses, to be honest. I think it would be Amity though, just because I can’t see myself in the others and being able to actually stick with it.

7. What would be your daemon?

I would love to say a dragon here! Can we have dragons? If not, I would definitely go with an elephant. I always have so much to do, it would be really handy not forgetting!


And there we have it, my bookish identity. Not entirely sure what it says about me, but read into it what you will.

Feel free to give this a go – let me know in the comments so I can come and have a read!


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