Weekly Wonders: 4th June


For the first time in a while, I contemplated not writing this post. It’s taken me three attempts to start it already and, quite frankly, I know no one wants to read my ramblings about the ups and downs of the week.

So instead, I’m going to make it an entertainment one: everything I have been reading and watching over the last week.

I started off with He Said/She Said. I admit that I was dubious – there was so much hyper about this book – but was proved wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed it and for the first time in a while, I didn’t see the twists coming which kept me engaged the entire way through.


I then read Blood Fiend’s Bane. Upon realising it was a vampire book, I wasn’t certain how I would feel about it. But, once again, I was proved wrong and it was an entertaining book about comradeship and bravery. I’m hoping to review this one for next month, so stay tuned for more on that.

I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I haven’t read this one as many times as the others, and I’m the first to admit, I’m loving it! I’m really appreciating the writing and the subtle things now that I am reading it as an adult. It’s thanks to this that I have my reading buzz back at the moment.


I finally got to see Sully: Miracle on the Hudson this week. I’m reviewing this shortly, but it amazed me what that poor pilot had to go through despite saving all those lives!

I watched Inkheart earlier on in the week and it left me feeling nostalgic: that was one of my favourite books as a child! I also (finally!) started series three of Grimm this week. I’m about four episodes in and enjoying it so far.

So that’s what I’ve been reading/watching this week. How about what you might have missed for reviews?

It feels strange to be up-to-date with a series: I’m so used to trying to play catch-up about four years after they have been aired. Although I am admittedly getting there with Breaking Bad now. I suppose I just don’t watch that much television – I always wait for things to come out on DVD.

Talking about waiting for things, here is the plan for next week’s posts:

  • Monday: Book Review: In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree by Michael A. McLellan
  • Wednesday: Up and Coming
  • Friday: Television Review: The Night Manager

What did I say about coming late to things; I’ve only just watched The Night Manager – and loved it, but more of that in the review.

Having watched all of Black Sails, I’m finally watching Treasure Island for the first time this evening! At least, the first half and I’ll finish it off tomorrow – it’s rather long.

What’s everyone else up to?


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