Make-Up Haul!

Make Up Haul 1

I’ve developed an interest in make-up and skin care over the last six months. Unfortunately, I just had no idea what I was using or how to use it!

For my birthday, my parents bought me an awesome make-up mirror (it has lights around it!) and a make-up lesson. It taught me a lot (even if I still can’t do eye-liner) and helped me decide what to invest in.

I had weddings coming up, and wanted the confidence of creating my own look.

Here are some of the products I ended up buying:

Highlighter and Bronzer

Make Up Haul 2

Although I had a Clarins BB cream, I didn’t have anything to give me a glow. The Instant Light base illuminator was the first product I decided to buy and I love it. It’s light and easy to apply, and blends really well.

The Bronzing Duo was recommended to me, and I think it is my new favourite. You can wear it with the full works – BB cream, highlighter and blusher – if you’re going for the full look. But it works brilliantly to just give you a little colour for everyday use.

I have quite a pale complexion and the bronzer is subtle enough that I don’t have to worry about looking absurd!


Make Up Haul 3

I fell in love with the Clarins lipstick that was used in my make-up lesson – Lilac Pink. For a while, my lipsticks have been too light that it missed the subtle mark I was aiming for.

This is subtle, but also gives a lovely finish with enough colour that you look as if you are wearing something! I love how smoothly it goes on!

I also treated myself to their lip comfort oils, and am in love. It can be worn over a lipstick to give a shine, or on its own the way you would a lip gloss.

If you have dry lips like I do, this also adds the nourishment the way a lip balm would! Anther product that definitely made my everyday list!


Again, I already own one of the Clarins eye palettes, and it was great learning how to use it properly. I treated myself to a purple eyeliner, hoping that I could practice without it having to be as bold as a black.

I also bought the Eye Perfecting Base. This helps for a smoother application for eye shadows – always helpful. But it gives the eye a bright and refreshed look when used on its own – so for those days when you just can’t be bothered, I would definitely recommend this one!


Make Up Haul 4

I have had really weak and flaky nails recently – I’m not entirely sure what is going on. I got the Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab and I’m sure they are already feeling stronger.

It’s an oil rather than a varnish, so you just rub it in before bed each night and voila, your nails stop looking as if they are falling apart!


How about you? Have you bought any new products recently?


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