Television Review: Grimm, Series 3


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Amazon Synopsis: Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt is back – but not exactly himself – as Grimm returns for another 22 hair-raising episodes.

With his abilities manifesting in new and unusual ways, Nick is stronger than ever with his partner, Hank, and reunited love, Juliette, by his side as he tracks down Wesen criminals with renewed determination.

But things are changing all around him. As Captain Renard embroils himself with the birth of a royal child and Monroe and Rosalee’s relationship intensifies, the ties between humans and the Wesen world will become even more irrevocably intertwined.

Experience all the spine-tingling chills, sinister surprises and fabled creatures back-to-back and uninterrupted in Grimm: Season Three.


Programme: Grimm, Series 3

Company: GK Productions

Date: 2014

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Although it’s been a while since I watched series 2, it took me no time at all to get into this next series of Grimm.

Leading on from a cliffhanger at the end of the last series, it was an action-packed first episode that brought all of the characters together to save Nick from Eric. But the effect of the poison isn’t that easily counteracted and Nick experiences some changes this series that could have serious repercussions.

Or… they could extend for a few episodes and then disappear without any further explanation. It felt as if a big story-arc was established in the first couple of episodes that led nowhere. It was never explained and apart from Nick turning grey a few times, nothing more happened. He does, however, now have super-hearing. Just because.

The revelations that took place in series 2 led to some developments. Hank and Juliette both know the truth, and Nick and the Captain are on the same page. This is one of the first series I have seen that doesn’t have endless seasons of stupid lies that undermine any characters’ credibility as they are kept blind to the truth.

Grimm Series 3 2

This meant both Hank and Juliette played stronger roles. It also led to some hilarious dynamics as Nick and Hank work with Monroe on cases, or Nick and Juliette double-date with Monroe and Rosalie. Some of the best interactions stem from the character developments. It looks as if they have set up the next series for the same thing to happen with Wu!

Adeline is back in this series. For the most part, she appears to be one of the good guys. Or, at least, in serious need of help. When she turns, however, I actually don’t blame her. Although Nick and crew are trying to do the best they can, it felt like anyone would react the way Adeline did, given the circumstances (no spoilers here!). She wasn’t the villain, just a grief-stricken and desperate woman looking for answers.

If I had to sum up series 3 it would be with these two words: complicated relationships. Whether your parents and your best man are trying to kill each other, your protector wants you dead after you put his girlfriend in a coma or your mother has no problem with killing anyone in her way, nothing is simple!

The characters are brought together in a number of explosive scenarios. The result? A tense and action-filled series. That being said, however… I did find the finale an anti-climax. I had laughed and yelped my way through the entire seroes, but had no real reaction to the finale. Bit of a disappointed after such a good season, but not enough to put me off with continuing to watch.

It may be a cliché, but this series was definitely darker and more gruesome. More than one I had to glance away – little gory for me! But overall, this was a thoroughly entertaining watch and I’m looking forward to more!

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