Television Review: Game of Thrones, Series 7


Game of Thrones 1

Synopsis: This penultimate series contains seven episodes. Jon Snow must seek allies to defeat the army of the Dead, while Daenerys must strengthen her position in Westeros. Arya and Bran return to Winterfell, but adjusting to the changes in their home will not be easy.

Meanwhile, Tyrion fights for his counsel to be heard and Jaime starts to doubt his own loyalty. Cersie will do whatever it takes to remain on the throne and no one – friend, foe or lover alike – will stand in her way.

Alliances are broken and forged. Everyone needs to know what they are fighting for.

Programme: Game of Thrones, Series 7

Company: HBO

Date: 2017

Game of Thrones 7 2

Despite having had my doubts around series four, there is no denying that Game of Thrones has picked up the pace again! Series 7 was, for me, the best series so far.

This isn’t just because of the impressive CGI that is coming into play. Although that did blow me away – finally seeing the dragons in their full glory, as well as up close and personal added an awe factor that has been lacking in previous series.

It also wasn’t that the plot has become more intense than ever: the Night King and his army are on the march and there is nothing anyone can do to defeat them apart from stubbornly carrying on living. If anyone needs lessons on how to defeat impossible odds and still keep breathing, look no further than Jon Snow. Each series seems to have an episode that is purely a battle with him at the focus point, and this was no exception.

What really sold it for me this series is the characters finally joining forces. It was why I enjoyed series 6 as plot lines started to combine. By series 7, however, we have all of the remaining Starks in one place (let’s save the debate about who is technically a Stark for later!). We also have Jon and Daenerys finally meeting. Arya and Sansa reuniting for the first time since their father was executed. And we have the two sides of the (living) war sitting down to have a conversation. Albeit one filled with subtle threats and not-so-subtle goading.

It meant I finally got to witness the confrontations and conversations that I have been waiting since series 1 to take place! They did not disappoint. The tension between Arya and Sansa was delicately handled, and I was caught unaware when Sansa finally opened her eyes to the real threat she faced. The dynamics between Jon and Daenerys was also effective: he is a reluctant king, but a proud one and will not swear allegiance blindly. But when Jon Snow makes a vow, nothing will make him break it – with interesting consequences.

It was fun seeing the Lannisters reuniting as well. All along, there have been characters on both sides of the war who I wanted to live, making it hard to say who I wanted to be victorious. Now, however, there is no doubt: Cersei must lose this battle one way or another. I thought Joffrey was a despicable character: his mother is giving him a run for his money!

There are still so many characters involved, even with the typical deaths taking place, that I could double the length of this review and still not cover it all. Needless to say, I enjoyed the character development that took place across this series.

The effects are bigger, the fights deadlier…and the cliffhanger the most intense yet! For the first time in a while, I was eagerly awaiting each episode and cursing the week between them! I’m already excited about the final series!

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