Book Blogging on a Budget

Book Blogging

I love being a book-blogger. I love being able to help out an author by leaving a review or helping draw attention to their title. I will never be a big blogger, not compared to how amazing some of the book-bloggers out there are. But I will keep plodding through my TBR pile and do what I can to help out.

But sometimes, keeping on top of new releases and being able to produce the images and giveaways is beyond me. I don’t have the money. It doesn’t ruin the experience though.

If you’re starting out as a book-blogger and wondering how to ensure you have enough reading material without it costing you a fortune, here are a few of tips that have seen me through.


A book-blogger is nothing without books! We could spend our entire bank accounts on books, but sometimes, we have to be realistic. Boo!

How do you get the content when the budget is tight?

Oracle of Philadelphia 2

If you’re an e-reader, there are a few options:

Netgalley: my book-blogging took off when I was introduced to Netgalley. Admittedly, I got carried away and have been playing catch up ever since. But if you’re hoping to keep your reviews up-to-date with new releases, this is the perfect place to start.

I have also had some great contact with publishers and authors through Netgalley. It enables you to promote content in the important three-month-window around a publication, even if you can’t afford the brand-new book!

BookBub: ideal for Kindle users, bookbub offers free and discounted books on a daily basis. I know there are lots of free books on Amazon if you know where to look, but you have to make the time and effort to do so.

Bookbub makes it easy: straight to your inbox every day. Perfect for filling a gap in your schedule without paying out a fortune.


Deals aren’t there only for e-book readers, however. There are places to look for physical books:

Genres 2

Libraries: I can’t believe how many book-bloggers forget about their local library. You may not get things on the release date but…free books. All the time. Don’t forget this source is always available for everyone.

Charity Shops: I’m a sucker for a charity shop bargain. Not helped by one near me doing books for 25p. Yep, 25p! Think of how many books you can get for the same price as a new one from WHSmiths. Take a look in your town; you’d be amazed at the bargains you can get!

Last Stop Toyko 3

I also use the promotional material sent by a publisher in images to spice them up a bit. But my best Instagram posts are those with the book just lying on a blanket, or balanced against similar titles. You don’t need fancy props or massive stacks of books, just the right angle and lighting (which I’m the first to admit, I’m rubbish at!).

Book-blogging can be a hobby or a passion without it costing you a fortune. What are your tips?


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2 thoughts on “Book Blogging on a Budget

  1. I think one of the best tips is also “stop comparing yourself to other, bigger book-bloggers”.
    I’ve seen so many people get demotivated because of the graphics, lay-out, book hauls of other bloggers while they’re just “new” to blogging. It takes time to build your blog – and I’m not saying this in a stats-wise / followers-wise way – and find the lay-out and images that work best for you.

    Also, it can always help if you get to know some people close to you who you can borrow books from. I’ve had some people sending me new releases because they already read them and didn’t necessarily want to keep them. It’s worth a shot as well!
    [And book fairs. Book fairs are the best place ever.]
    I can’t go to my library since it rarely has any new releases. Honestly, I checked last week and the “newest” release was one of two years back so it’s not something I’ll be considering any time soon, haha. Netgalley is definitely a savior though! [Edelweiss as well according to people, but NG is just that much more user-friendly, in my opinion..]

    *end of ramble*

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    • Love a good ramble! Of course, borrowing from people is a god-send – a friend and I have a constant swap going on which is great! Definitely not comparing yourself as well – people have different strengths so if some are great at photography/design, it’s naturally going to look better.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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