Television Review: Orphan Black, Series 3


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Amazon Synopsis: In this series, Sarah (Maslany) tries to track down her missing twin, Helena (also Maslany), with the Castor clones in hot pursuit of the Leda sisters. Meanwhile, the Proletheans continue their pursuit of all clones and Sarah tries to find out more about the origins of Project Castor.



Programme: Orphan Black, Series 3

Company: BBC

Date: 2015

Orphan Back 2

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Every tagline for a new series hints towards how it’s bigger and better than ever. Well… series 3 of Orphan Black is certainly bigger, that’s for sure.

Not only are there new sisters discovered, there are brothers. A whole host of male clones (hinted towards at the end of series 2) who turn up to be genetically related to the girls. But while the girls suffer from a physical ailment – Cosima’s health continues to be an underlying theme this series – the boys are affected mentally.

The race to find a cure is on, only rather than working together, brother and sister are opposed to one another, with the men trying to kill the ladies. Sibling rivalry to the extreme!

It’s an intense plotline, to say the least. Throw in the fact that there are limited actors involved in this show because of the whole clone thing, and you’ve got a lot of people running around trying to kill each other who all look the same at first glance. You’ve got to keep your wits about you!

In all honesty, I got a little lost this season. I have no idea whose side Paul is on – he is suddenly involved with the male clones and is emotionally invested in their welfare. But he couldn’t have been there long given his previous involvement with Beth and not knowing about the clones.

At least Mrs S appeared to be on the right side this series as she helps Sarah track down the original – with surprising results. I liked her character in the first series and it was great seeing her as the mother-role for both Sarah and Felix again.

Felix is certainly coming into his own – even telling Sarah no when he doesn’t want to be involved. Yet his dedication to the sisters – especially Cosima and Allison as well as Sarah – makes him an enjoyable and entertaining character.

So, what about the girls themselves? Allison starts a drug-dealing company, Cosima tries to move on from Delphine and Helena gets kidnapped, leading Sarah into danger as she attempts to rescue her sister. Helena proves she can be civil when she moves in with Allison. Sarah sends Kira away with her father in order to protect her.

Apart from the confusing plot, I enjoyed this series. It was nice seeing the secondary characters come into their own – Felix, Donny, Arthur – and the clashes of personality as the clones attempt to make sense of what is going on.

The whole arc with NeoEvolution went over my head – they are clearly the bad guys, but I have no idea how they suddenly became a main player again apart from by taking Rachel.

Another thing that confused me is Sarah’s sudden empathy/identifying with Beth. Her death is what changed Sarah’s life, true, but surely it would affect the others more – they knew her, after all?!

With a moving death, blooming friendships and developing love stories, this was an action-packed series. Thoroughly enjoyable, just make sure you pay attention!

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