Up and Coming: December

Up and Coming

How many times can you delete a post before getting past the first sentence?

How long can you sit there staring at a blank screen, waiting for inspiration to hit?

The trouble with giving yourself a blogging challenge (such as doing the Twelve Days of Christmas as a feeble attempt to catch up on reviews that you are desperately behind on), is that it tends to take up most of your focus. I’ve been reading a lot recently, but everything has been for reviewing purposes.

I’ve got nothing to talk about in regards to books that didn’t make the reviewing cut. I’ve got nothing to squeal about in terms of shows that I’ve been (re)watching because I haven’t seen any.

When you’ve scheduled in advance as well, it seems pointless discussing the books that will be reviewed, because you’re only going to repeat those discussions in a few weeks’ time.

Hence why I have no idea what to write.

The Fire Child 1Which is ironic, in a way. I was struggling with writing so much that I challenged myself, five days late, to do Nano this year. Rather than specifically keeping it for the novel, I decided that any content I was writing counted: blog posts, novel work, fanfiction, anything. I’m amazed that I managed to complete it, especially considering how many days I didn’t write on.

It worked though. My muse suddenly started behaving and I realised I was getting inspired again. Typically, it was with the writing that didn’t have a time limit on it so while I was struggling to form a coherent review, I was managing to write fanfiction in a way I haven’t done for years.

It proved something to me though. I thought that, after uni, I had lost my muse. I struggled with everything I wrote and was deleting more than I was writing. This proved that I did still have it, I just needed to stop making excuses. Of course, having more reviews than normal to keep on top of helped keep the words flowing before the books started to blur together in my mind.

Guardians of the GalaxyAt the time of writing this, I also think that I’m on track with getting these extra reviews done. I admit, I deliberately chose short books. But they are all there on Netgalley waiting for me to review them. If I did the long ones, it would get them out of the way but I wouldn’t get as many done. It’s annoying though; I still don’t think I’ll get my rating up to 80% even with bombarding the blog for a few days.

So, what is coming this month? A handful of extra book reviews and a blog tour that I am very excited about. I finish trilogies, embark on new (reading) adventures and let myself get swept to other worlds where men are gods and gods are planets. Just a normal month for my crazy imagination, then?

What are you reading/plan to read at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!


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