Book Soundtracks (#2)

Book Soundtracks

I did a post like this a couple of years ago: you can read it here. But in that time, I’ve listened to more music and read some different books. I thought, given my love for both, that it is time I gave it another go.

Music can often be my inspiration. If I’m struggling with a certain scene, or trying to get into a character’s mind-set when something big is occurring, the right song/playlist can often be my key. I wonder if the authors mentioned or, indeed, any published author has their own playlist when they write. Do any of you writers out there have set songs that just scream inspiration to you?

I know, personally, the Spirit soundtrack does it for me every time. But here are some of the songs that I think sum up a few books perfectly:

As always, all credit goes to the video makers!

  1. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare: Brothers Under the Sun (Bryan Adams, Spirit Soundtrack)

Personally, I think this song is perfect for the Will/Jem relationship (it could also be true of Jace/Alec).

The lines “we are two hearts joined together. We will be forever as one, my brother under the sun” is the core of the parabatia relationship for me: a connection of souls. Maybe I’m reading too deeply into this, but there is a deep connection between characters in this song, and if that isn’t parabatia

But have a listen with these two in mind… I can’t be the only one thinking this:


2. Nevernight by Jay Kristoff: Take me to Church (Hozier)

It was this song that made me think of doing another version of this post. I heard it at work on a Sunday and it instantly screamed Mia/Tric to me. Maybe because it is about a church and the way they think about their new home. It’s also about keeping goddess’ on side through sacrifice etc.. If this book was a film, I could see this as a soundtrack with basically a montage of their training!

Anyone else thinking the same?


3. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: True Love (P!nk)

If this song isn’t Simon/Baz, I don’t know what is! The whole song is about the thin line between love and hate: “but I hate you, I really hate you, so much it must be true love”. I think I just summed up the entire book in one song line!

Of course, now this is in my head, every time I read this book, this song is going to stuck in my head. And if this now happens to anyone else…I would apologise, but I’m not sorry…


4. The Year of Saying Yes by Hannah Doyle: You Make Me Happy (Lindsey Ray)

This book just made me smile and squeal the entire. And this song is about warm and fluffy things and also gives me fuzzy feelings. So if I put the two together, does that just mean I have an explosion of happy feelings?


5. The Eden Paradox by Barry Kirwan: The Final Countdown (Europe)

Okay, so yes, you could put this song with any book that involves humans leaving Earth. Which is a vast portion of the science-fiction novels out there. But they pretty much had a mass exodus to stop them all from being eaten by invading aliens. It just works. Being welcomed by other species, missing Earth…

Plus picture the final fights on Eden with this playing in the background and it’s epic in the making!


There we have it! I had far too much fun doing this post, including lots of singing very loudly, much to my mother’s horror!

Has anyone else had any bursts of inspiration lately about what song would work well with a particular book? Let me know!!


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