Novel Progress: February

It’s always the way that just when you start getting into a routine, your situation changes and you need to figure out a new one.

That’s my novel progress at the moment. I was finally getting into the habit of working on it every day. Then I went from working part-time locally to full-time with a commute, and suddenly those novel sessions aren’t as easy to fit in.

When you’re loving working on something though, fitting the time in won’t be too challenging. Maybe this will be my weekend plans?

Why I Write 1

I’m editing the early chapters at the moment. Well, I say early chapters… I’m almost at the point where I’m catching up on myself and I don’t think it will be long before I’m writing again. Despite the early parts being edited numerous times, the bit I am currently working on hasn’t gone through the same process. I’m reaching the part where the characters are beginning to understand things are bigger than they thought.

Such as:

Raven stared at him, his own eyes wide as he cradled his arm.

            “What,” he said slowly, “did she just do?”

            “What you have the potential to do.” Norran picked up the torch but the anger drained from him. “Why do you think Ardon wants you as a weapon?”


While editing is slowing down my writing, I’m glad I’ve done it. I’ve come across a few inconsistencies that undermine the character and don’t explain what my MC is doing. In actual fact, I’m not certain what it is he is doing – and if I’m thinking that, nobody else is going to know either. It’s really satisfying come across a passage like that and knowing by the time you are through with it, it (hopefully) reads better.

Novel Progress 1

I’m discovering that writing magic and powers has drawbacks. For instance, I knew what a character was doing because I know her abilities. I wasn’t certain, however, that it would read right for someone without that knowledge. I sent the passage to a friend, only giving some basic information that they needed to know, and thankfully, they immediately picked up on what was happening. It was a relief to know what was in my head was translating onto the page.

One of the main advantages, for me, having done this editing process before moving on is that I love my main character. I’m not sure what it says about me when my MC makes me laugh, but he did. This is just one passage that made smile because he is trying so hard to be cool – and failing:

He made to rest his hand on the knife the way Memek had always done, but it was too small and his hand ended up gripping at thin air. He tried shrugging it off, but the smirk on Norran’s face said otherwise.

With the edits that have happened, I’m really excited to start moving the plot forward again. There are still some plot-holes I need to work around in regards to location and secondary characters, but I’m hoping a few planning sessions will do the trick. My attention to detail is much higher than when I first tried to tackle these scenes, so I’m hoping that things will fall into place as I smooth over some of the initial inconsistencies.

I think the main progress to report, however, is that I’m having fun with the novel at the moment. Yes, it’s harder to fit in a session now that I’m busy, but while I’m passionate about it, I’ll find the time.


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9 thoughts on “Novel Progress: February

  1. Lindsey I loved reading this. I am also writing at the moment but my issue is is I have so many ideas that I flit from a play, to poems to a novel, so I have three half written pieces of work. I adore writing though, it’s like going off in to your own little world. What do you intend to do with the book once finished? I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to publishing things and while I intend on performing the play and poems, the novel I wouldn’t know what to do with. Good luck with the rest of it, I would love to read it once it’s finished so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, wow, thank you so much! It really made my day reading this, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is hard when you just want to write rather than focusing on one thing or another. I haven’t really thought as far as what I’m going to do when I’m done – just focusing on getting there!
      Best of luck to you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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