Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

For a long time, I’ve been writing posts finding a job, getting to the gym and wanting to write.

Finally, after all this time, I can say I’m achieving those things and life is being kind.

I started my new job as a marketing assistant just over a month ago and I’m loving it! The people are really nice and the commute is fine – definitely not saying no to guaranteed reading time every day.

I’m getting the hang of the actual job now and even survived a week without my manager there; figuring everything out for myself was rewarding. I went from staring at the screen to understanding what I needed to do, with only minimal help from others.

New Start 1

I was exhausted for the first few weeks. Nope – the first month. I was crashing in a heap when getting home and sticking an episode on before rolling into bed.

But I’ve reached the point where I’m motivated and energetic in the evenings now and the difference that has made is beyond words.

After working really hard with the gym and my confidence at the beginning of the year, I’m gradually getting back into a routine of going three times a week. It may not be as intense as previously, but it will keep my fitness levels up and help me feel better about myself. I’ve been really driven to get my steps in as well; going for a walk at lunchtime, walking home from the station etc.

I watched a copywriting training video at work a few weeks ago. It was informative and interesting, but more importantly, it was inspiring. I suddenly had the urge to blog like never before!

New Start 2

Only trouble was, my posts, scheduling, plans were a complete mess. Having not done it for over a month, I had reviews waiting to be written, posts to plan, social media to sort out.

But I also had energy again.

It’s been a busy few weeks getting organised and getting posts done. I’m trying to blog for a little bit each day, whether that is post writing, scheduling, promoting or catching up on other posts and leaving a few comments scattered around.

I’m hoping a few weeks like this will finally get me on top of where I want to be with the blog and it will just be a matter of letting things tick over. Once I get to that stage, I plan to still write, only alternate between the blog and the novel – basically indulging in whatever I feel like.

It’s so satisfying being able to write a post like this. I’m energised, I’m feeling confident…I’m happy. It has been a long and complicated road to get me to the point where I feel like I can write something like this.

Yes, this is a self-indulgent post.

But maybe that is what I need to learn to do occasionally: indulge in what I want and live for myself rather than what I think others expect from me.


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