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Good morning, lovelies!

It’s that time of the month again where I scratch my head staring at a load of questions about books/blogging and try and figure out my answers! Or stare at my bookshelf/Goodreads shelf for some inspiration as I try to drag to the surface which book made me want ice-cream or something along those lines!

Anyway, I digress!

This month’s tag was discovered over on Golden Books Girl and I thought it looked fun, so decided to give it a go. I strongly recommend you check out their answers and blog – it’s awesome!

On with the tag…

1. Top 3 Pet Book Hates

a) Lack of character development. I hate it when you get to the end of a book (worse if it is in a series) and don’t know how the character has progressed. A character can be weak at the start (or, I guess, at the end) but not both, with no difference in between. What’s the point of the plot if the character doesn’t grow throughout it?

b) Slow plot. This is secondary to me compared to lack of character development. But while some genres are more suited to a slower-paced plot than others, again, I need to feel like something has happened. It really annoys me when I spend the whole book waiting for the plot to start.

c) When it’s the first book in the series, and nothing happens for the majority of the book, until right at the end just to make you want to read the second book even if you’ve been bored for the entire first book. While series are linked, I think each book should be strong in its own right, not just setting up the next book!

2. Perfect reading spot

I spend a lot of time reading on the train these days. But I now have a reading chair. My brother was getting rid of it, so I had it. It’s a little tub chair with a footrest that I’ve got by my window. Feet up with a blanket – it’s the perfect reading place!


3. Three book confessions

a) I crack spines and don’t care. Sometimes I just find it easier to read. One of my friends is really careful and I’m always terrified when she lends me a book – I read it so carefully. But for my books, they fall apart on me.

b) I have books gathering dust under my bed because I literally have nowhere else to put them, then completely forget that they are there. Really should have a look under there and change things around a bit…

c) I’m notorious for re-reading books. Reviewing is the only thing that stops me from spending my time always reading stuff I’ve already read despite the ever-growing pile of probably excellent books that I haven’t picked up yet.

4. Last time you cried reading a book.

Good Morning Midnight 1

Ooh, this is when I go running to Goodreads. If it is cry with laughter, then Fool’s Gold for definite because that book cracked me up.

It’s actually been a while since I cried in a book. Good Morning, Midnight teared me up a little, although not proper crying, because it was just such a moving and emotional book.

5. Number of books on your bedside table.

My answer here could either be none or over a hundred! Haha! I generally only have the book that I am reading on my bedside table. At the moment, however, my kindle is sitting there, so technically speaking you could say rather a lot…

6. Favourite reading snack

Defending Not Drinking 3

Biscuits. Well, a cup of tea actually, but does that count as a snack? If not, then biscuits to dunk in said tea always goes down well!

7. Three books you’d recommend to anyone

This is hard because everyone is different, so I’m going for three categories here:

Fool's Gold

a) Fantasy readers: Fool’s Gold (as mentioned) by Jon Hollins because it is the most hilarious thing I’ve read for a long time.

The Perfect Girlfriend 1

b) Psychological thriller:  The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton for the most messed up character I’ve ever come across.

The Key 1

c) General: The Key by Kathryn Hughes. Both my mum and I thoroughly enjoyed this book: a really lovely story!

8. A picture of your favourite bookshelf

Hmm. Awkward one as my books are currently scattered around the house or under my bed rather than being on a bookshelf per se. Here’s my Goodreads bookshelf for this year so far though, does that count?Goodreads

9. How much books mean to you (in three words)

I’m rather obsessed.

10. Biggest reading secret

I absolutely hated Gone Girl and really didn’t like Girl on the Train (I actually preferred the film for the latter, shock horror!).


There we have it! This was quite a tricky one – not used to having to give three answers to one question. Feel free to give it a go yourself and let me know in the comments so I can come and see your answers.

Until next month, bibliophiles!


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