Television Review: Breaking Bad, Season 5

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Synopsis: With Jesse (Aaron Paul) back on his side, pressure of Walt’s criminal life starts to build as Skyler (Anna Gunn) struggles to keep his terrible secrets. Facing resistance from sometime adversary and former Fring lieutenant Mike, Walt tries to keep his world from falling apart even as his DEA Agent brother in law, Hank (Dean Norris), finds numerous leads that could blaze a path straight to Walt.



Programme: Breaking Bad, Series 5

Company: High Bridge Productions 

Date: 2013

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While in my third year at university, there was only one show everyone was talking about: Breaking Bad. They were raving about it. I decided I would give it a go, just to see what the hype was about.

I’ve finally reached the end…and I still don’t know what the hype was about. Despite the occasional episode really grabbing my attention, I’ve been bored from season 2 and only sheer stubbornness has kept me going.

I didn’t enjoy it.

It can’t be just me feeling like this?

Season 5 is a few episodes longer than previous seasons. Apart from an explosive episode near the end, I didn’t think this added anything other than to drag it out.

There are massive changes in the relationships, breaking the series neatly in half.

But it’s the stunted character development and slow pace to the episodes that bugged me. The lack of music and the long shots added a new feel to the series back at the start. By the end of season 5, however, it just makes the scenes feel long and undermines any potential pacing.

Too many people are now involved in Walt’s charade, making it impossible for him to give it up, even if he wants to. With the collapse of the organisation after Gus’ death, there are loose ends everywhere, all of whom are a threat to Walt.

Jesse starts off back on Walt’s side but their partnership is destroyed for good when he puts the pieces together about what transpired at the end of the last season. While still being my favourite character, Jesse isn’t given a lot to do this series.

So saying, it must have been exhausting filming for Aaron Paul. Jesse spends the majority of the series as an emotional wreck; that can’t have been easy.

Skylar completely falls apart in this series, which is understandable given everything that has happened up until now. When Walt and Skylar’s relationship finally reaches an exploding point, Junior is given the chance to protect his mother – and that was possibly the most character development for any of the characters in the entire series.

I feel like I can discuss this in more depth than usual because it is so old. Hank’s discovery of Walt was enjoyable because it could add a new dimension into the series, especially as Jesse and Hank end up working together despite events of previous series. All of the dynamics and relationships change once it is revealed who knows which secret and the lengths they will all go to.

I get that the point is Walt is manipulative. But I stopped being surprised by anything a few series ago, so the twists and turns with his character in this series meant nothing: I saw through what was really going on and so it didn’t impact me.

I don’t understand the hype around this. Next time, I think I’ll just let everyone get excited on their own rather than forcing myself through something I’m not enjoying.



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