Jamestown Series 1 Review

Jamestown, Series 1 review

Despite it being advertised for fans of Downtown Abbey – which I had never seen – I was intrigued by the teasers for Jamestown and thought I’d give it a go. I got some great characters, interesting plots and while I have no idea if it is historically accurate, I enjoyed it. Keep reading for my Jamestown, Series 1 review.

Company: Carnival Film & Television / Sky 1 | Date: 2017 | Cast: Max Beesley, Dean Lennox Kelly, Stuart Martin, Matt Stokoe, Jason Flemyng, Steven Waddington and Burn Gorman.

Synopsis: From the makers of Downton Abbey – 1619, Virginia: on what feels like the edge of the world sits the first British colony of Jamestown. For 12 years, it has been populated only by men, but the settlement is shaken up when the first women, including Alice (Sophie Rundle), Verity (Niamh Walsh) and Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick), land in this breathtaking wilderness.

Twisting storylines follow the disruptive new arrivals as they make an immediate impact and are thrust into a new world of love, desire, power and survival. While love triangles, bitter rivalries and fierce competition cause conflict for the residents, ultimately they are bound together by their resolute will to survive and thrive in their new lives.

Jamestown, Series 1 Review

First confession: I’ve never watched Downton Abbey. Jamestown is by the same makers, but that meant nothing to me.

Second confession: it drew my attention because it’s only eight episodes long. I wanted something quick to watch.

Third confession: I really enjoyed it.

Fourth confession: I’m looking forward to the next series!

I wouldn’t class myself as a fan of period dramas, although the further back in time you go, the more I enjoy it. When it comes to historical accuracy, I’m no judge – I know nothing about this time period. I had no expectations beforehand and the first five minutes didn’t grab my attention. But after that, I got swept up in the character developments, the play for power and the intricate relationships between these characters.


Alice has a pure and innocent heart but suffers as soon as they land. Finding love may not be enough, not when there is a rival seeking her hand and the threat of her attacker returning. She is my favourite, with her quiet strength compared to more outgoing characters.

Verity refuses to conform to what is expected of her. She’s a great character: she won’t let the men intimidate her and will stand up for her friends. But she has a good heart and wants to find where she belongs.

Jocelyn is power-hungry. She will do anything – and manipulate anyone – if it helps improve her husband’s standing – and therefore her own. But Jocelyn struggles to adapt in this new world where people don’t always do as she bids. Not a place to be hiding a secret when alone and friendless.

While there is no doubt the women make the show, the men are also a mix of characters: Christopher – the smitten doctor; James – the love-struck blacksmith; Silas – torn between his brother and his wife.

There are, naturally, the “bad” guys as well: those in positions of power who detest the idea that others may be working their way up in the world.

That being said, there are also characters who redeem themselves. You want to hate them, you want them to lose everything…and then you see that there is humanity there. When even their victims see it, there is something powerful occurring.


It’s hard to say how much time passes throughout the series: it must be significant because of the crop growth. Characters grow and develop, coming to terms with what is happening in their lives.

Although there is action, tension, violence and suspense, I found this show to be about people. How they grow; what they learn about themselves; and what they are prepared to do for those they love. It was heart-felt and moving.

Final Thoughts

Jamestown is an easy and enjoyable watch. I thought it had strong characters and enjoyed the way the stories unfolded and entwined. If you’re a Downtown or period drama fan, then this is enjoyable. But also if you’re after something solid to watch, I’d recommend this.

Does this sound like your kind of drama? Have you watched it?

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