Theatre Review: School of Rock

School of Rock 3

For my birthday, my parents and I decided to treat ourselves and bought tickets to see School of Rock. We got a good deal: £45 per ticket for good seats, a free programme, free CD and a free glass of champagne. Very nice!

It was such a great evening!

I met them after work and we grabbed something to eat, although only at a nearby Weatherspoons because it made it cheaper and meant time wasn’t an issue. We had to wander around a little as we were too early to go in, but it was a beautiful day, so that wasn’t a hardship.

As one of the first in, we picked up our merchandise and bubbles and found somewhere to sit. It didn’t take long for it to fill up: a few school parties and a lot of teenagers!

School of Rock 4

We went in to find we had great seats! The only trouble was there were at least one group of teenagers a couple of rows behind who wouldn’t stop talking for the majority of the show – so rude!

So, onto the show itself…

I saw the Jack Black film years ago as a child and wasn’t fussed about it. The show is much better, although I still found the plot was slow in places that made some scenes feel like they dragged.

This is ironic because it is School of Rock, but there were times when the music was a bit too loud: it drowned out the lyrics of the songs so you couldn’t appreciate the music in quite the same way. I also found some of the dialogue hard to follow because it wasn’t that clear.

School of Rock 1

But to be honest, neither of those things matter. The cast were so incredibly talented. The adult actors had strong voices. But the children were phenomenal.

There’s an announcement at the beginning, informing the audience that all of the children do play their own instruments live on stage. As the average age of this kids must have been about ten years old, it was incredible. Drums, electric guitar, keyboard, bass or even their voices, the talent of these children was incredible.

And to think, I never made it past year 3 recorder club…

School of Rock 2

I feel like this is the type of show where the plot etc do not matter. You’re presented with a young cast with tirelessly energy, performing live on stage with talents that most adults can’t even dream of. That in itself makes it a phenomenal show.

Despite the talking teenagers and the late night because of trains (which made work the next day very hard), I had a lovely evening! Every time I go to the theatre, I always think I should do it more often. It’s just so expensive.

Getting deals like this made it even better. I need to update my gym soundtrack and I have a strong feeling that some of these songs could make excellent work-out music. An enjoyable evening, a good show and a talented cast.

Do you like going to the theatre? What’s your favourite show?


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10 thoughts on “Theatre Review: School of Rock

  1. School of Rock has been on my watch list for so long, I just haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet – this has made me want to go even more though! 🙊 I saw We Will Rock You just before it closed, and it was incredible.. 😍

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    • Oops, sorry! I do recommend it though, it was really good fun. Ooh I thought that looked good, just didn’t get the chance to see it myself.


    • Thank *you* for the lovely comment! It was incredible how talented they were – and so young as well. They could go so far with that sort of musical talent, I was in awe!


  2. I remember watching the movie years ago. I really liked it but Jack Black just goes a bit too overboard for my liking. I wouldn’t mind seeing this though, it’s been years since I’ve seen a live show! Great review 😀

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  3. School of Rock was my favorite movie growing up and I just recently saw the musical. SO GOOD! Theatre is always fun to see, but I loved how all the kids were so energetic on stage and you could feel their positive energy. Loved the show!!!

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