Book Haul (May)

It wasn’t my fault!

Honest, it wasn’t.

I only went onto The Works to buy a friend’s birthday present. And the next thing I know, seven books just happen to have jumped in my basket, and still been there when I checked out.

Actually, only six jumped in. Then I was under the postage, so naturally I had to go and find another.

Book Haul May 1

I forgot how cheap books from The Works are. Admittedly, you can’t always find what you’re after. But on this occasion, not only did I find something I had only just decided the day before I was going to buy, I also found books that I’ve been struggling to get hold of.

With seven new books taking pride of place on my bookshelf, that could only mean one thing: book haul time!

The Two of Swords, Volume 1 and Volume 2 by K.J Parker

I was recommended Parker’s books when I was doing my dissertation a few years ago and fell in love with the writing style! I’ve had trouble getting hold of the books though: two different counties and neither of their libraries stocked the books! I clicked buy so fast when I saw these two there.

The Dragon’s Fools: False Idols by Jon Hollins

If anyone read my review on the first book a couple of months ago, you’ll know that I loved it! I had just decided I would buy the second – when I saw it here, I squealed. Out loud. Rather too loud, in fact. But how could I not buy it?

It Started with a Tweet by Anna Bell

I admit, this was my real guilty pleasure purchase (and the only non-fantasy book). I thought it looked and sounded like fun, especially as my twitter use has grown lately. Hopefully it will be entertaining!

Book Haul May 2

The Hidden People by Alison Littlewood

I hadn’t heard of this one but the synopsis caught my attention – as did the front cover. It will be good to try out a new author though, and I look forward to indulging!

Mageborn by Stephen Aryan

They say don’t judge a book by its cover (which we totally all do). Can you judge a book by the title though? This one caught my attention as being the sort of thing that I’d enjoy just by the title alone. Then I read the synopsis and it is about magic and battles and a pretty big consequence (the eradication of magic) should the characters fail. If that doesn’t sound like fun, I don’t know what does!

The Traitor by Seth Dickinson

This was the one that got me over the postage threshold! It sounds darker than the others, but that shouldn’t stop it from being enjoyable. You never know, it could be my new favourite author!

I have plenty of reading ahead of me by the looks of it, which makes me a very happy girl!

How about you? Have you read any of these books? Or have you bought any recently?


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8 thoughts on “Book Haul (May)

  1. I’m on a book buying ban (bar pre-orders of favourite authors, because I couldn’t stop entirely) so reading book hauls is how I’m getting through this tough time haha! It started with a tweet sounds super cool – something you can read in just a few days but get some good laughs out of – I hope it lives up to that! & the traitor & the hidden people sound so good too! Looks like my wishlist has just grown. Char xx

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