Up and Coming: June

Up and Coming

I’m pulling my exhausted self together to write this post because I’m trying to be productive and achieving more during the week.

You can just sense my enthusiasm, can’t you?

Nah, I’m kidding!

I’m still on a blogging buzz at the moment and am making the most of it while I can. That’s why I’m pushing myself.

I might have also promised myself a writing day on Sunday if I get everything else achieved during the week and my target at the moment is three posts a week. It works as good motivation.

So here we go!

How is it June? I have officially passed my probation at work and am an established marketing assistant for a publisher. All that hard work has paid off: I’m enjoying the job and learning loads.

I’m blaming my job for how motivated I’ve been with the blog lately – I’m learning all these marketing tips at work and then wanting to try them out for myself. Thankfully, the extra reading time on the commute means that I make sure I have plenty to blog about.

Talking of books and blogs… These are some of the reads that I’ve got planned for the next month:

35078785The Wildflowers by Harriet Evans

Tony and Althea Wilde. Glamorous, argumentative … adulterous to the core.

They were my parents, actors known by everyone. They gave our lives love and colour in a house by the sea – the house that sheltered my orphaned father when he was a boy.

But the summer Mads arrived changed everything. She too had been abandoned and my father understood why. We Wildflowers took her in.

My father was my hero, he gave us a golden childhood, but the past was always going to catch up with him … it comes for us all, sooner or later.

This is my story. I am Cordelia Wilde. A singer without a voice. A daughter without a father. Let me take you inside.

Me: I fell in love with the cover for this one and then was lucky enough to receive an ARC. Oops, yes, I’m running late, but fully intending to get it read at the beginning of this month with any luck.

36373688Revenant Gun by Yoon Ha Lee

When Shuos Jedao wakes up for the first time, several things go wrong. His few memories tell him that he’s a seventeen-year-old cadet–but his body belongs to a man decades older.  Hexarch Nirai Kujen orders Jedao to reconquer the fractured hexarchate on his behalf even though Jedao has no memory of ever being a soldier, let alone a general.  Surely a knack for video games doesn’t qualify you to take charge of an army?

Soon Jedao learns the situation is even worse.  The Kel soldiers under his command may be compelled to obey him, but they hate him thanks to a massacre he can’t remember committing.  Kujen’s friendliness can’t hide the fact that he’s a tyrant.  And what’s worse, Jedao and Kujen are being hunted by an enemy who knows more about Jedao and his crimes than he does himself…

Me: Did you notice I read the second book last month? I was planning on anyway and then the publisher asked if I would review the third book. I leapt at the chance – and then frantically read the second one. Despite my confusion, I enjoyed it, so am eager to see how the series ends.


Storm Glass by Jeff Wheeler

Theirs is a world of opposites. The privileged live in sky manors held aloft by a secretive magic known only as the Mysteries. Below, the earthbound poor are forced into factory work to maintain the engine of commerce. Only the wealthy can afford to learn the Mysteries, and they use their knowledge to further lock their hold on society.

Cettie Pratt is a waif doomed to the world below, until an admiral attempts to adopt her. But in her new home in the clouds, not everyone treats her as one of the family.

Sera Fitzempress is a princess born into power. She yearns to meet the orphan girl she has heard so much about, but her father deems the girl unworthy of his daughter’s curiosity.

Neither girl feels that she belongs. Each seeks to break free of imposed rules. Now, as Cettie dreams of living above and as Sera is drawn to the world below, they will follow the paths of their own choosing.

But both girls will be needed for the coming storm that threatens to overturn both their worlds.

Me: This caught my eye on Netgalley a while ago. Despite evidence to the contrary (see book one…) I am trying to review things as close to their publication date as I can. This one is due out this month, hence why it made the cut for this slot!

38230559Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall

Someone told a lie.
Someone knows the truth.

Someone is watching you.


When Sasha North comes into Ellen’s life, Ellen falls under her spell. As Ellen is welcomed into Sasha’s family, she doesn’t see the darkness that lies beneath their bohemian lifestyle. Not until a brutal attack changes all their lives forever.

Ten years later, Ellen and Sasha share a flat in London, still bound together by that night. When Sasha disappears, Ellen fears the worst. The police won’t take her seriously, but the events of the past give Ellen good reason to be frightened.

What really happened that night? Who is telling the whole truth? These are the questions Ellen must confront when searching for her friend. But someone knows Ellen is looking. And they don’t want the answers coming out . . .

Me: When asked if I would review this book, I leapt at the chance. I thoroughly enjoyed Friend Request, more than I thought I would. I have no idea why, but my review of that book is also my top post on here by miles. I enjoyed the book and I hope those reading the review also get encouraged to read it. If I can repeat that with her second book, I’ll be very happy. I really hope it’s good…

Knowing me, I’ll sneak a few extra in. I’ve just had a week without reading because of being away. It felt weird, not helped by struggling with the book I’m currently reading. At least with the commute I know any reading slump won’t last very long!

What’s everyone else got planned for this month? Let me know!


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5 thoughts on “Up and Coming: June

  1. Congratulations on being a marketing assistant! I’m glad you like your job and are learning through it 🙂 Three Little Lies sounds so interesting ❤ Can't wait for your review on it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on being a marketing assistant! I’m glad you like your job and are learning through it 🙂 Three Little Lies sounds so interesting ❤ Can't wait for your review on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • One book is still achieving though! Not too bad at the moment, but did spend my entire commute yesterday wondering why I was confused, then realised I was trying to read a third book without having read the second! Haha!


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