Book Review: False Idols by Jon Hollins

False Idols 1

Synopsis: The Dragons who once ruled over the land are dead.

The motley crew that stumbled through that revolution are rich and praised as saviors.

Everyone gets to live happily ever after, right?


Well, it might have worked out that way if the dragons in Kondorra had been the only ones. If they hadn’t been just the tip of the spear about to fall upon the whole world…


Author: Jon Hollins

Title: False Idols (The Dragon Lords #2)

Publisher: Orbit

Date: 2017

False Idols 2

The Dragon Lords: Fool’s Gold

I don’t think I’ve added a book to my basket as quickly as when I saw The Dragon Lords: False Idols on The Works’ website. I adored the first book and knew I had to read the second.

I’m pleased to say this one didn’t disappoint. I found it just as humorous as the first and even had the awkward moment of laughing out loud on the train – I wasn’t quick enough to swallow my giggles this time.

Will has tried to live a quiet life as a farmer with his new-found riches. But when Lette takes off and Balur comes searching for her, Will has no choice but to hit the road again. They don’t get very far before they find both Lette and trouble – and trouble one again comes in the form of dragons.

The trio are determined to put a stop to the dragons’ rule, but it’s not that simple. They are up against soldiers, fanatics and fanatical soldiers. No one wants to hear that the dragons are dangerous but Will is desperate – and when Will loses his temper, drastic plans come to light.

Will screamed. Then he realized he wasn’t falling to his death. He looked up at her.

And gods…such good f**king eyes, gods hex him.

But she was smiling despite herself.. “No you don’t,” she told him. “If anyone gets to kill you, it’s me.”

Quirke has her own problems. Being driven from her home and accidentally becoming the leader of a resistance movement, for starters. Her internal battle over whether to burn the world or save it being another problem.

When the gang join forces and stumble upon Firkin, they might just have a chance to defeat the dragons. After all, this team did it before, and they can do it again.

Lette is determined to become a better person; Quirke tries not to give into her magic; Balur wants to kill things; Will just wants to be a farmer and Firkin may or may not be possessed. The team are well and truly back together and I love the characterisations and relationships that develop as the book goes on.

False Idols 3

Technically, the plot is about stopping tyranny and preventing the dragons from becoming gods by manipulating everyone’s beliefs. But that makes it sound so serious: what I love about Jon Hollins is how funny his books are. There are impossible odds, tension, blood, guts and gore… and the way the narration unfolds, especially with how the characters react to situations, just leaves you giggling.

The dialogue adds the humour to the book. Balur’s style of speech makes his statements entertaining and the characters’ reactions to their situations are so real that it makes it funny: what comes out of their mouths would be exactly what would go through your head if you were suddenly confronted with those sorts of situations. They don’t set out to be the heroes – everyone else decides that is who they are and no matter what they do, they end up having to save the day.

I find Hollins’ writing so refreshing. The content, dialogue and situations are aimed at adults, but there are very few fantasy books for an adult audience that make me laugh throughout.

Pure entertainment from beginning to end.

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: False Idols by Jon Hollins

    • Um, I think you would probably get away with it but obviously some of the characters/relationships won’t be as developed. You’d still enjoy it (I hope) but there might be bits that don’t make as much sense. It’s hard when I’ve read both, aha, you don’t realise what you pick up! Sorry, this was really rambling, wasn’t it?

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