Mini Reviews: Geekerella and The Keeper of Lost Things

I’ve been reading so much lately and loved these two books. While I didn’t have them in the schedule for full reviews – indeed, I’m not certain I could write full reviews as I would end up gushing – I still wanted to write some of my thoughts down.

I enjoy complicated, long and sometimes dark fantasy books. I read a lot of twisted thrillers, where nothing is what it seems and you have to hold your breath throughout.

But sometimes, just as much as the next person, I love indulging in a light-hearted charming book that gives you all the bubbly, joyous feelings that you can only get from an indulging read. That is exactly what these two were for me.

Mini Reviews

Geekerella by Ashley Poston

30724132Being a massive fangirl, there are certain books that make me want to embrace it further and have a squealing-fest. Geekerella was one of those books; charm, humour, light-hearted fun and a dose of fandom that left me with an overwhelming desire to watch Star Trek.

Having seen this book crop up in a few places, I gave it a go. It will never be the type of book to take seriously, but it was a fun read that left me smiling and rooting for the characters. It was a guilty pleasure read; I enjoyed it despite the predictability.

The characters and plot are completely cliché, but that’s the point. A modern-day telling of Cinderella, this book explores one girl’s desire to follow in her father’s footsteps while a famous actor longs for anonymity. A chance text makes their worlds collide, but neither are quite what the other expects. Throw in an evil-stepmother, some sinister step-sisters, a new friend prepared to indulge in fangirling and a food truck serving as a pumpkin and you’ve got it all.

The story moved between light-hearted fun to deeper issues of accepting your own identity, regardless of what others want you to be. There was a heap of romance and a nod to fandoms and how inspired their members can be.

It could be if you’re not a fangirl/boy, you might not understand the buzz and what drives the characters. But as a self-confessed fangirl myself, I have to admit I loved this book.

The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

33828743I fell in love with the cover of The Keeper of Lost Things and was able to borrow a copy. I could write this entire review in one word: charming. This book oozes charm.

Laura is down on her luck when she inherits a house from her employer, filled with treasures and just one request: she reunites the lost items with their owners. She’s not alone though: Freddy, the attractive gardener and Sunshine, a girl with learning difficulties, help Laura discover some things she herself has lost: romance, love and friendship.

The plot is a dual narration, with Eunice taking the second slot. Starting her career with a small publisher, Eunice loves a man she can never have and does whatever it takes to make him happy, even if it is just fulfilling his final wishes.

It’s a tale not of returning lost items, but discovering lost emotions buried deep within. Learning to accept who you are, learning to make the most of life as much as possible are important lessons the characters must learn.

This is a gentle-paced book that sweeps you up in the narration. The characters are all well-defined and moments of dialogue made me laugh out loud. There were certain phrases scattered throughout that were impossible not to smile at, resulting in me spending most of this book with a grin on my face. How can you not love a book that has that result?

And don’t forget the resident ghost helping chivy the plot along…


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