Book Tag: The Chocolate Book Tag

Happy end of the month, everyone!

I’m organised, I’m motivated and I’m buzzing right now. Yay!

To make the most of my good mood, I thought it would be beneficial to tie chocolate and books into one post. It’s the perfect combination for me – unless said chocolate is melting when you’re attempting to read and then it all goes drastically wrong. Anyone else have this problem?

I saw this one over on the fabulous Zezee with Books‘ blog. Another one from there, yep. In my defence, out of all the blogs I follow, this is one of my favourites, so hardly surprising I keep finding great tags there!

On with the tag!

Chocolate Book Tag.jpg

1. Dark chocolate: A book with dark content/theme


Anyone who read my review of The Girl in the Moon by Terry Goodkind earlier this month will know I had my doubts because of the dark themes in this book. I would also go for The Broken Empire trilogy by Mark Lawrence – you’re introduced to the main character as he murders someone! Great reads though..!

2. White chocolate: A light-hearted, humorous read


I’ve read a couple lately I think would fit into this one. I might have to go with The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald though. It’s a book about books – that’s instant brownie points in my mind. I really enjoyed it.

3. Milk chocolate: A hyped/popular book you really want to read

Anything by Sarah J. Mass. I know she has a couple of different series out and I’ve heard really positive things about both from some of the bloggers that I follow. They haven’t quite made it onto my bookshelf although I’m hoping by the time the year is out, I’ll have started at least one of them.

4.  Chocolate with a Caramel Centre: A book that made you feel goeey on the inside


Geekerella by Ashley Poston. There are a few I could have done here, but I’m staying away from my go-to answers. I literally squealed in this book. I honestly think I might have just been in the right mood for it, but I loved it.

5. A wafer-free kit-kat: a book that surprised you

The Perfect Girlfriend 1

Hmm. There’s always one that makes me stare aimlessly at my shelves searching for the answer, isn’t there? I think I’ll go for The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton for this one, just because this book was way more than I was expecting! So it surprised me in a very positive way!

6. A Snickers Bar: a book you’re going nuts about

Fool's Errand 1

Can I pick a series for this one? I’m currently 2/3 of the way through The Tawny Man trilogy by Robin Hobb and I’m willing the library to hurry up and get me the final book. I’m cursing myself for having left it so long until I’ve read more Robin Hobb and literally can’t get enough of her writing right now.

7. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows: a comfort read you turn to time and time again


Okay, so I was avoiding my go-to books, but this one is literally asking for it. I bet you can all guess? Yep, Eragon. I’m hating that I haven’t read it for over a year now, that is unlike me, I’m just inundated with books right now and can’t justify picking it up again. Soon I’m promising myself, very soon. It sparks off my inspiration if nothing else!

8. A box of chocolates: a series that has a lot of things readers will like

The Wheel of Osheim 1

This is hard because I know what I like in a series, but that doesn’t mean others will! I mean, I would vote any series by Robin Hobb (at least, the two I’ve read) for friendship, loyalty, love and duty. I’d go for any Mark Lawrence if you like things a little grittier but with humour and fantastic characterisations. Same for Joe Abercrombie for the same reasons… What a mean question to answer!

There’s only one problem with this tag: I’ve just realised I’m eating chocolate while writing it. Oops. Never mind.

Fancy giving it a go yourself? Let me know in the comments so I can come and read your answers!


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8 thoughts on “Book Tag: The Chocolate Book Tag

  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out and compliment 🙂 I appreciate it. And am glad you did the tag. I hope Maas’s books work for you. I tried 2 of the Throne of Glass ones but didn’t take to them.

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