Up and Coming: October

Hello October! Where did you come from? I love the summer, but am the first to admit digging out the jumpers and the blankets makes me happy. Nothing beats snuggling in with a hot drink and a good book!

I’ve got an interesting month coming up!

I should – if all goes according to plan – have my first conference for work. I have no idea what to expect or what I’m supposed to do but it feels like a big deal. Fingers crossed everything goes ahead.

I also have my graduation ceremony! Finally!Back to Blogging 3

Over a year after I handed in my major project for my Masters, I get to say I’ve graduated. I know some people aren’t going and I understand why – it ends up being an expensive day. But I’ve taken a long route around to get to this point, and it’s not been an easy ride. I want the moment of walking onto that stage, not for myself, but for my parents and their unconditional support over the last eight years. Couldn’t have done it without them!

With lots of exciting things happening, it’s only fair that I have some exciting books coming up, right?

There seem to be a mass load of books being released this month. I’m spending most of the month reviewing around the release dates, which is going to be fun!

What’s on the schedule?

cover146178-mediumThe Oyster Thief by Sonia Faruqi

Synopsis: Brimming with adventure and intrigue, The Oyster Thief plunges readers into a vast underwater world harboring a mysterious secret.

Within the pages of The Oyster Thief, we meet Coralline—a mermaid whose idyllic life is ruined by an oil spill that gravely sickens her little brother—who must embark on a desperate quest for a legendary elixir in order to save him. On her journey, she encounters a human business tycoon, Izar, who’s found himself inexplicably transformed into a merman. He is searching for the same elixir in order to return to human form and to his life at the helm of Ocean Dominion, a corporation whose ships plunder the waters Coralline calls home.

Putting aside their intrinsic enmity, Coralline and Izar decide to work together to find the elixir—even as they compete with one another for it. Their pasts threaten to tear them apart, while a growing attraction adds to the danger. Ultimately, each of them faces an impossible choice. Should Coralline remain with the world she knows, including her fiancé, or should she relinquish everything for a stranger who might betray her? And Izar holds a secret of his own—one that might cause him to lose Coralline forever.

Me: I’m intrigued by this one. I’ve never read a book with a mermaid as the main character. I’m honestly not certain whether I’m going to enjoy it or get annoyed, so figured there is only one way to find out. Let’s hope it’s enjoyable and not cliché!

cover138591-medium.pngThe Quantum Magician by Derek Kunsken


Belisarius is a Homo quantus, engineered with impossible insight. But his gift is also a curse—an uncontrollable, even suicidal drive t know, to understand. 

Genetically flawed, he leaves his people to find a different life, and ends up becoming the galaxy’s greatest con man and thief. But the jobs are getting too easy and his extraordinary brain is chafing at the neglect.

When a client offers him untold wealth to move a squadron of secret warships across an enemy wormhole, Belisarius jumps at it. Now he must embrace his true nature to pull off the job, alongside a crew of extraordinary men and women.

If he succeeds, he could trigger an interstellar war…or the next step in human evolution. 

Me: I requested this a while ago, so it’s only fitting I review it around its publication date. I’ve loved the other science-fiction books Rebellion have published and the synopsis for this looks fun – I’m expecting a fast-paced and entertaining read.

Firefly 1

Firefly by Henry Porter

Synopsis: From the refugee camps of Greece to the mountains of Macedonia, a thirteen year old boy is making his way to Germany and safety. Codenamed ‘Firefly’, he holds vital intelligence: unparalleled insight into a vicious ISIS terror cell, and details of their plans. But the terrorists are hot on his trail, determined he won’t live to pass on the information.

When MI6 become aware of Firefly and what he knows, the race is on to find him. Paul Samson, ex-MI6 agent and now private eye, finds himself recruited to the cause. Fluent in Arabic thanks to his Lebanese heritage, Samson’s job is to find Firefly, win his trust and get him to safety.

Me: While spy/thriller type novels aren’t my normal thing, this one really caught my attention. Feels like it could be the type of book that is made or broken on the characterisations, so fingers crossed!

23019001Fool’s Fate by Robin Hobb

Synopsis: The thrilling conclusion to Robin Hobb’s Tawny Man trilogy.

Kingdoms will stand or fall on the beat of a dragon’s wings, or a Fool’s heart.

Prince Dutiful has been charged with a quest to the Outisland to take the head of the black dragon Icefyre. Only then will his betrothed marry him and cement the alliance between their warring kingdoms.

But is Icefyre just a legend? Or does he truly slumber beneath the glaciers? Fitz has prevented his friend the Fool from accompanying them the Fool has foreseen his own death if he ever sets foot on the isle of the black dragon. But as their ship draws in towards Aslevjal a lone figure awaits them…

Me: I’m so excited to read this! I’ve utterly adored the rest of the trilogy, again cursing myself for taking so long to get back to Robin Hobb’s books. There are so many things still left to be told in this trilogy and I’m buzzing to find out how it all comes together. Once this book is in my hand, no one is going to see me until it’s finished!

What an exciting month! I’m sure there will be a couple more reviews slipped in along the way, so it’s going to be a busy one. At least I’m finally organised!

How about you? What do you have planned for this month?


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8 thoughts on “Up and Coming: October

    • Thank you so much! Thanks – just have to find the time to relax as suddenly it seems to have turned into a really busy month, haha! Thanks for the comment ❤


  1. Congrats on graduating! Such a wonderful achievement 🙂 I don’t really have an awful lot planned for this month in particular, I’m kinda dedicating it to knuckling down on work and blogging. September was supposed to be a great month but it was actually pretty dire but October has been good to me so far so I hope it’s making up for it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! Good luck with that – it’s great that it has got off to such a good start. Hopefully that will set you up for the month – fingers crossed for you!


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