Up and Coming: November

This is possibly the latest I’ve ever written this post!

October was a hectic month, with some momentous occasions. I finally had my graduation ceremony for my Masters. I also survived my first conference for work. Oh, and throw a horrible cold into the mix as well.

Being so busy – and not necessarily with things of my choice – meant the blog got put on hold for most of October. Thankfully I had enough posts scheduled that I could get through. But a month of not reading as much as normal meant I wasn’t certain what November would bring.


Thankfully, a few books were shorter than I anticipated and my graduation left me feeling inspired. It meant a couple of busy days of writing posts, scheduling content and getting a grip on reality again means November is once again doable. Yay!

Not that I’m expecting November to be any quieter. While I might not be traveling halfway across the country on a regular basis this month, there’s another challenge…Nano.

National Novel Writing Month for those who don’t know – aka 50,000 words in a month. I decided to do it this year because I need a challenge and something to motivate me at the moment. While I am hoping for some novel work to take place, I’m using it as a free-for-all: blog posts, novel, random shopping lists…Anything I write will count.

I’m definitely not ready for it. But I’m looking forward to it. I work well when something challenges me, so with any luck, it’s going to be a satisfying month.

For now, however, let’s take a look at what books I’m hoping to review this time around:

Destiny of Kings 1Destiny of Kings by Fiona Tarr:

The King is going slowly mad, bewitched by the dark magic and seductive powers of the Egyptian Princess. As war breaks out, his trusted General seeks to raise an army and will find a young shepherd boy, bound for greatness.

General Martinez grows tired of the fighting and craves retirement until he meets the Priestess and the strange little Holy man who share a prophecy that cannot be ignored.

The General must now choose between the life of a young boy and his life long friend and King. Death is inevitable and when it comes, pain will follow…..

A controversial twist on the Old Testament story of King David. Where dark magic, prophecy and religious turmoil reign.

Me: Dark magic, a seductive princess and torn loyalties. The synopsis left me feeling this had all the makings of a good book – just hoping I’m right. Monday will reveal all!

Darksoul 1Darksoul by Anna Stephens:

The Wolves lie dead beside Rilpor’s soldiers, slaughtered at the hands of the Mireces and their fanatical army.

The veil that once kept the Red Gods at bay has been left in tatters as the Dark Lady’s plans for the world come to fruition. Where the gods walk, blood is spilled on the earth.

All that stands between the Mireces army and complete control of the Kingdom of Rilpor are the walls of its capital, Rilporin, and those besieged inside.

But hope might yet bloom in the unlikeliest of places: in the heart of a former slave, in the mind of a soldier with the eyes of a fox, and in the hands of a general destined to be king.

Me: I yelped when I saw this available on the digital library so quickly after its release. I devoured the first book and was glad I got to it late just because it meant I didn’t have to wait as long for this one. I’m so excited for this – now to hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Dragon God 1Dragon God by Ava Richardson:

The new world is calling…

Niell Torvald is desperate to prove himself—his father’s warlord kingdom depends on him. When a vicious attack on the way to the Draconis Order monastery nearly kills him, it becomes clear that grave trials await him on this path. Joreth, the wise monk who saves his life, advises caution upon entering the sacred halls. His mission is to learn arcane magic from the monks that will help to cement his father’s power, but Niell will need more than magical arts alone to navigate the challenges before him.

Among the monks’ students, Niell meets the lovely and mysterious Char, who senses evil deep within the ranks of the Draconis Order’s members. She takes him to a dragon she has raised, Paxala, and the three of them become fast friends. Niell soon grows in strength as he and his fellow students gain ancient knowledge, and his closeness to Char blossoms into something more.

But when Niell’s brothers grow impatient and attack the monastery in a bid to seize power, he will have to decide where his loyalties lie: with his warlord father’s domain, or the new friends he has made in the wider world.

Me: I requested a load of her books on Netgalley, then realised that I was getting my trilogies muddled up and had books from various series. There’s always a charming innocence about her work though, and I know they are easy reads. Should be an enjoyable escape for a while.

Two of Swords 1Two of Swords, Volume 1 by K.J Parker:

“Why are we fighting this war? Because evil must be resisted, and sooner or later there comes a time when men of principle have to make a stand. Because war is good for business and it’s better to die on our feet than live on our knees. Because they started it. But at this stage in the proceedings,” he added, with a slightly lop-sided grin, “mostly from force of habit.”

A soldier with a gift for archery. A woman who kills without care. Two brothers, both unbeatable generals, now fighting for opposing armies. No-one in the vast and once glorious United Empire remains untouched by the rift between East and West, and the war has been fought for as long as anyone can remember. Some still survive who know how it was started, but no-one knows how it will end.

The Two of Swords is the story of a war on a grand scale, told through the eyes of its soldiers, politicians, victims and heroes.

Me: I read some of Parker’s work about three years ago, but always struggle getting hold of the books. When the first two of this trilogy came up in The Works, I just had to indulge. I love the fantastical worlds created and the interesting narration of the books, so hoping this one is just as good.

How about you? What have you got planned for this month?


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4 thoughts on “Up and Coming: November

    • Thank you so much!! Dark soul is the second in a series, so you’ll want to start with Godblind but oh my word it’s worth the read. Thanks for the comment – I hope you like anything you might read. Thanks – think I’m going to need it, aha!


    • I figured my aim was just to write – so why not count anything that I might be writing. Good luck with it. Thanks – I just hope they are as good as they sound! Thanks for the comment.


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