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Mini Reviews: The Letter and It Started with a Tweet

With so many books to get through at the moment, I could schedule myself throughout next year and still probably not have enough time/slots to review everything that I want to.

These next two didn’t make the full review list because I had a suspicion I wouldn’t necessarily have enough to say about them. They are light-hearted reads that diverge from the more intense books I tend to review. Still, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on them, hence deciding to do another couple of mini-reviews.

Have you read either of these books? Do you plan to? Let me know!

Mini Reviews

The Letter by Kathryn Hughes


I was introduced to Kathryn Hughes through her latest book The Key earlier this year. Having enjoyed the charming tale, I ventured into some of her older books. I decided not to do a full review for The Letter because I had a feeling it would follow the same pattern as The Key.

It did – past meets present due to a fortunate set of circumstances. This time, a battered wife finds a purpose when she discovers a letter that was never sent. A young man is also seeking out his birth mother with very few clues to go on. Surprise! They’re searching for the same person and as their adventure joins them together, sparks fly.

There are lots of cliché moments throughout. But the characters are well-developed and there is a satisfying amount of character growth throughout. There are moving scenes that leave you emotionally invested in the characters and you want them to be successful in their quest. It’s not a gripping read you can’t put down, but it’s a story that gets into your heart nonetheless.

The Letter is a quick and fairly easy read. It’s the perfect type of book for a rainy Sunday afternoon when you just wish to indulge for a while. Don’t expect any sudden twists or characters having epiphanies and you won’t be disappointed.

Having read other books by Kathryn Hughes, I expected the pattern it would follow – I’m certain her books all follow the same structure. I still enjoyed this one.


It started with a Tweet, Anna Bell


Anyone who has been keeping up with my posts know that I cut back on my phone usage a short while ago. The reason? This book!

A lighthearted and fun read, It Started with a Tweet was predictable in more ways than one. But it isn’t the type of book you read because you want something deep and meaningful. It’s the type you read to indulge in families reconnecting, finding love and cementing friendships in a fast-paced and stressful environment that is modern day living.

The characters fall neatly into the categories required for this genre: the “perfect” sister that doesn’t have the perfect life. The best friend who wants to move on with her boyfriend but doesn’t know how to break the news. The love-interest that is unachievable through misinterpreted circumstances.

And Daisy, the main character in desperate need of a digital detox. Her character is fairly shallow at the start of the book, but you can’t help loving her. Her addiction to her phone is possibly something we all can relate to a little too much.

We witness Daisy’s growth in confidence and connection to those around her as she switches off from her phone and switches on her relationship with her surroundings. It made me realise that I’m probably spending too much time on my phone as well!

An enjoyable read that leaves you with a lot of fuzzy feelings. The perfect read for a wet Sunday afternoon when you want something to make you feel good.





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12 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: The Letter and It Started with a Tweet

    • I loved The Letter! Her other book, The Key is also very good but they definitely follow a pattern. That’s how I thought about it started with a tweet but I must have just been in the right mood that it worked for me, it’s not my normal thing! Thank you!


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