5 mini film reviews

Over the Christmas break, I was really in the mood to catch up on a few films I hadn’t had the chance to see. While I’ve given up writing full reviews for films, I wanted to do a little snap-shot of how I felt.

If nothing else, it means I can remember!

Has anyone else seen any of these films?

Ready Player One

I haven’t read the book but have heard positive things about this. For the most part, the film was enjoyable. The pacing felt slow, especially at the beginning, and I got bored quite quickly. This could be because I’m not a gamer, nor does it hold my attention. If this interests you, the beginning will be enjoyable.

The tension and pacing pick up as the plot develops. I enjoyed the characterisations and how online friendships collided in reality to help save a world they knew and loved. Despite the slow moments, I’m glad to have seen this and enjoyed watching it.

Paddington 2

Having adored the first Paddington film, I had doubts: would – could – the second be as good? Yes!

While I felt the second film had a darker tone to it than the first and there aren’t as many laugh out loud moments, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a charming tale with unique characters, proving people cannot be judged on appearances or first impressions and everyone deserves a second chance.

The locations/effects made me feel this one certainly had a bigger budget than the first time around, but that’s no bad thing.

Full of familiar faces, this is a heartfelt film.

Legend of Mowgli

The Jungle Book freaked me out but I was intrigued by this. It was good it was delayed rather than being released at the same time: the CGI isn’t as powerful as the other one, which undermined it slightly.

However, I found this a gripping and tense watch. It was refreshing that it did something a little different with the story and involved more of Mowgli’s progression. Although we know the story, you couldn’t guess how the ending would come about and I was hooked.

There are some quite violent themes throughout, which distances it from the animated Disney version!

Avenger’s Infinity War

I can’t believe how long it took me to see this film. I haven’t yet been able to see Black Panther, so there were moments when the full impact was lost on me.

I loved this film – the combination of all the different films and characters worked really well. I’m apprehensive though; it set up the next movie so obviously and just leaves me feeling it’s going to be really cliché to set the characters back on the right paths.

I wish I had seen the films closer together to notice all the little moments, but still, an entertaining watch.

Tomb Raider

I adored the Tomb Raider films when I was young and definitely wanted to see this. I’m not certain though – I got bored.

I felt Lara was portrayed as presumptuous and demanding. I liked her but there was something that didn’t work.

The action sequences felt implausible for someone with no training and it was all just a little too convenient – all trapped on an island and just happened to not realise who else was there? There was too much action compared to plot.

The character development was strong though and it will be interesting to see if they continue.

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11 thoughts on “5 mini film reviews

  1. I love this concept, it gives a quick and honest review for those looking to give the films a go. I really wanted to like Tomb Raider, it was a good film on its own but because I played the game it was based on I couldn’t help but criticise it. Some plot points were so meh when the plot of the game was fine. The game shows her developing her skills and how she’s been adventurous since childhood rather than her being chucked on an island and automatically being amazing at everything! Same as you I’m interested to see whether they’ll continue and go off the next games or a new story entirely.

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    • Thank you so much! I have to admit that I haven’t played the game, the only thing I can compare it to is the original films, but I know exactly what you mean about the sudden skills out of nowhere!

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  2. This is such a great list! I’ve been meaning to watch Mowgli for a while now, it kept on popping up on Netflix but I never got round to it. I like that it is gripping and tense and has an unexpected ending, I’m curious now and definitely gonna make sure I watch it soon! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lindsey, great post! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  3. I ADORED avengers infinity war and im not so sure about the whole cliche idea but I am so excited to find out!! also you should definitely watch black panther soon! I went to see ready player one in the cinemas and I liked the Easter eggs in it which was cool but I can see how it was slow at the beginning. Great post!:)

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  4. Great reviews 🙂 I also really enjoyed the Avengers film – I went and saw it in the cinema with my boyfriend and we both loved it! We hadn’t seen Black Panther either so I know how you feel there! I haven’t seen any of the other films though that you have reviewed, I’ll have to watch ‘Mowgli’ though – I’m surprised I haven’t seen this one yet!


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  5. Among all of them My personal favourite was Mowgli as the makers did something different with the story of Mowgli by involving human’s into the picture. Your collections seems really good I have missed few of the flicks but would watch them in the spare time.
    Thanx for the recommendations.


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