Book Review: The Fallen by Ravek Hunter

The Fallen 1

Author: Ravek Hunter

Title:  The Fallen

Publisher: Ravek Hunter Literary LLC

Date: 2018

Synopsis: Drystan, Temple Knight of Lyonesse, is sent to retrieve the betrothed of his uncle, the Duke of Tintagel. This simple journey sets into motion a chain of events that upends the lives of three unsuspecting innocents and everyone they care about. 

Betrayal, intrigue, jealousy, murder . . . And love will drive the human condition to its most extreme. Who will survive the emotional struggle and find true love in the end? Or will love be lost forever?

There are strange and dark forces working against the struggle in a very unsuspecting way. A healer with a remote background and a dark secret, a soldier with a penchant for debauchery and the moral high ground, and two mysterious brothers from the mystical island of Hy Brasil all have a stake in the outcome. And the stakes are higher than any of them could imagine.

The Fallen 2

I pride myself on being an honest reviewer. When I don’t like a book, I’ll say so. It makes the good reviews more effective. The Fallen, however, is one of the worst I’ve read this year.

I had multiple problems with the construction of both the plot and the characters. It infuriated me at times!

The synopsis hints towards the romantic element. Let’s be clear here: this book is a romance through and through. That’s it. Every page was a lament to their undying love.

‘In the time of Atlantis’ is misleading. Three characters are mentioned, in passing, to be Atlanteans. Nothing about the myth, the legend or anything else for that matter.

It’s also off-putting with the reference to Tintagel. Considering Atlantis draws readers interested in legends, I was also expecting an Arthurian connection. This is a fantasy – why bring in two legends and then not develop either? It could have been set anywhere!

There is no character development. There’s barely any personality!

Drystan had the initial makings of a fun character – reluctantly fetching his uncle’s bride, hoping to escape back to adventure rather than being entangled with love. After that snapshot, the rest of the book is him pining over Eselt. He spends time contemplating the honour of being a Knight…and also actively trying to murder someone, without any remorse.

Eselt was worse: shallow and immature. She ‘loves’ the Duke at first sight. She quickly forgets that love when she meets Drystan. Her adamance she is a young woman is undermined when her actions are described as ‘shrieking’, implying a childish tantrum, not a young lady determined to be heard. I can’t think of a redeeming feature for the princess.

And so, the plot (beware of spoilers!).

The entire thing is a love story, true. Halfway through, you’re given the impression there’s something more at work and it’s revealed a love potion is involved. The author appears to have forgotten, however, is that their feelings started developing before the potion was introduced: it’s not all witchcraft’s work! Two powerful wizards release the effects, and decide to leave it for no apparent reason.

Dyrstan and the High King have a connection; they always know where each other are and if they have died. When, that is, the characters remember… Drystan declares it would be better for the king to believe they were dead – which makes no sense. He conveniently remembers this bond later on when confronted with the king. As a reader, it was frustrating that this connection is conveniently overlooked just until it suits the plot.

As for the ending, I think I was hysterically laughing by that point. Remember that love potion, and how the whole book has been about their undying love? Think of how it felt as a reader to get to the end, someone innocently lift the potion’s effects and one of the characters decide actually they weren’t in love after all…

I haven’t been so frustrated in a book for a long time!

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15 thoughts on “Book Review: The Fallen by Ravek Hunter

  1. I am surprised you managed to finish the book. Hahaha!
    Sounds like the book has a tone of issues I was hoping it was just that it wasn’t pitched right but the more I read your review it became clear this was just a bad story through and through.

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  2. Oohhh this sounds like a tragic ripoff of the Wagner opera, Tristan and Isolde, and that’s not exactly a party either. Even the names sound like a ripoff. It’s always so disappointing when rewrites don’t do something new or different, and frustrating when there are so many missed opportunities for something more interesting that seem so obvious to the reader. Thanks for the warning, I’ll steer clear of this!

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  3. What a disappointment! Is there anything more frustrating than being excited for a book based on the synopsis only to find it is NOTHING like it – I feel for you reading through the entire thing! The fact there’s no character development would have had me DNF’ing it! Thank you for the honest review – I’m now going to add this to a list of books to stay away from.

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