Monthly wrap-up: February

Anyone who read last month’s wrap-up will know this year hasn’t quite got off to the start I wanted. I was so optimistic that February was going to be my month and it…well, it failed.

This is definitely a case of reality being a b*tch and a few health scares in the family that led to a lot of stress and worry – still are, in fact.

I did manage a little bit of a social life though! Admittedly it was all crammed into one weekend, so the result ended up being a haze of exhaustion, but it was still enjoyable. I failed on the book club front: I wasn’t 100% and didn’t want to wait around for two hours and then have a late night. Who knows where this is going to lead!

I seem to be back in the swing with reading again – yay. I’ve drawn level with my Goodreads challenge – now to keep it there. I’ve got some really positive reviews due in the next few months.

This is what I’ve got through in February:

Insatiable Machine by Zoe Robertson and Jesse
Lifé  (5*)

Building tension, interesting characters and a clear fight against the bad guys – I loved it! The opening chapters were a little slow, but after that, I couldn’t put it down. There’s a review coming shortly, so stay tuned!

Enchanter’s Endgame by David Eddings (5*)

I’ve been reading David Eddings for a while and finally finished the series. Pretty predictable in places but these books are utterly charming. If you want to get swept up in a fantastical adventure, I can’t recommend anything more!

Eagles at War by Ben Kane (5*)

Another book with a review coming shortly, so I won’t spoil it. But it felt so good to get back into Roman fiction, including a battle lasting for half the book, one of my reasons for loving Ben Kane. Great read!

Night Rise by Anthony Horowitz (5*)

This was as far as I reached when I read these as a child. I remembered snippets of it, but not the bulk of the plot which meant this was an engaging and enjoyable read. Not exactly challenging reading them ten years after I started, but I’m loving it.

Eifelheim by Michael Flynn (4*)

This should have been the book club book. It’s technically science-fiction, but also full of philosophy, physics, religion and foreign languages. It was challenging, but really well written and ultimately enjoyable. Not a light read though!

Hunting the Eagle by Ben Kane (5*)

Now I’ve started this trilogy, I didn’t want to hang around! Great character development this time around; you definitely learn who you love and who you hate. I’m really looking forward to finishing the trilogy.

Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz (5*)

Look at me storming through these series for once! This was the first “new” one in this series for me and, no kidding, I was gripped. I love the characterisations, I love the powers and I love the blend of reality and magic. The character development from book one is fantastic. I can spot where this inspired the younger me!

Gray Wolf by J.W Webb (3*)

I struggled with this one a little because of a lack of character development, but it was a short and snappy read in a world that I hadn’t visited for a while, so still enjoyable. A review is coming later!

How about you? What have you been reading lately?

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13 thoughts on “Monthly wrap-up: February

  1. Oh my gosh, The Belgariad and Mallorean series are my favourite fantasy books. I love the characters and I must have read them 10 times over! 😀

    I can relate to the health scares as my own health is pretty bad & I’ve just got back from the hospital half an hour ago, where I had the second of two iron infusions. It’s always scary when a loved one has health issues. I hope everything will be okay. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

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  2. Oh wow, you’ve done well with reading! I’m currently reading Fierce Fragile Hearts which I’m really enjoying, I’ve been reading The Binding too, which I loved the premise of but I’m really struggling with it!
    Hels x

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  3. Sounds like we had similar issues with February, with family health issues that are still ongoing, so I feel for you and hope everyone who’s affected gets better very soon. It resulted in me reading one book, which was not what I had planned. But I did see 2 West End shows so it made up for it! Anyways, I’ve not heard of the books you mentioned. Might be because they’re not the genres I generally go for. But pleased to hear that you enjoyed them all, which is the main thing! x


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