Television Review: The Gifted, Series 2

Show: The Gifted, Series 2

Company: 20th Century Fox Television

Date: 2018/9

In a world where mutated humans are treated with distrust and fear, an institute for mutants battles to achieve peaceful co-existence with humanity.

I had a strange relationship with the first series of The Gifted. I watched it for character research (anything with powers, I watch!). It was difficult connecting to the characters but there the occasional episode caught my attention.

I figured I’d watch the second series: the character development was just kicking off last time and I wondered where it would go.

Honestly, I’ve got exactly the same feelings! Half of the characters annoy me and multiple episodes felt slow and tedious. But now and again, I forgot to multi-task, forgot I didn’t really care, and was sucked in. The ending got me on an emotional level: I suppose I was more drawn in than I originally thought?

Starting with the characters: Clarice annoys me. She has done since the beginning. Regardless of what they are fighting for, she always has a complaint. She comes across as whining and to be honest, I haven’t seen much development from her in the entire two series.

The Struker’s certainly have a lot to deal with. Andy going to the dark side – and growing as a character in the process, forced to mature and decide for himself what he believes-, Reed dealing with his own emerging powers and Kate finding ways to protect her family when she has no X-gene. Their family unit didn’t work in the first few episodes, but felt more believable as the series progresses.

Jace can’t make up his mind whose side he is on, and that undermined his characterisation and made him fall flat for the entire series.

It’s Lorna and Marco’s story that drew me in. A tragic love story – both fighting on opposites sides for the same dream, torn apart, having to sacrifice their daughter – they ultimately find their way back to each other but it’s rough going. Their story had the spark, had the tension and the emotion I couldn’t get from the others.

In terms of the plot, it does get quite dark in places. The Inner Circle is determined to create a safe place for mutants – by causing a war with humans until separation is the only way forward. Reeva is ruthless, but you never get any proper “bad guy” vibes from her. I want a villain I love to hate; I felt nothing for her.

While the final few episodes were tense and action-packed, the pacing of the rest of the series felt slow. There were few episodes where the tension drew me in, even when events were moving apace. The final couple of episodes were the ones that stuck out for me – the ones that made me realise I was more invested than I thought.

It’s frustrating when you feel “meh” about a series and you don’t know why. There was just enough to keep me watching, although I can’t put my finger on exactly what that was. Maybe the characters finally developed enough you actually care what happens to them in this fight?

Not one I’d recommend to rush and watch.

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17 thoughts on “Television Review: The Gifted, Series 2

    • I’ve heard that come up a few times actually but have no idea what it is about – now I’m really intrigued, definitely one to add to the list!


  1. I haven’t heard of this series! Normally I love programmes with superhuman powers etc but maybe this is one to miss!


  2. I’ve considered watching this show a few times but I’ve always felt a bit ‘meh’ about, even after watching the trailers for it. It’s probably one I’d watched if there was nothing else to watch at all. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip


  3. I really enjoyed the first season of this, but haven’t kept up with the second one… I’m probably going to try catch up because Lorna and Marco were my favourite part of the first season!

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