A day out in London

It’s unlike me to have a day out in London. Last month, I went and had two in a row! It was fun doing a few different things and exploring places I had never been to before. I thought I would write up my adventures so I can relive those experiences again!

On the first day, I went for afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hotel in Covent Garden. I have never been anywhere so fancy before! It’s a long story of how I ended up going, but I accompanied my mother, aunts and uncles.

The hotel (what we saw it of) was absolutely beautiful and the waiting staff were fantastic. Not only did we have everything we needed, they were fun, more than willing to take a few snaps and helped make it a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

The food was delicious. But for afternoon tea, I actually think I’ve had better at places not nearly as glamorous. The range of sandwiches were the standard for an afternoon tea, but I did enjoy the coronation chicken (which I normally dislike) on a type of carrot bread. It was different but yummy!

The scones were good, apart from the bizarre jam selection. I never thought marmalade was something to put on scones? Is that just me? It meant we could have done with some more ‘normal’ jam because no one was touching the marmalade! The cakes looked very fancy, and they were perhaps just a touch too much. All were either very rich, or flavour combinations that were risky (for example, coffee flavoured!).

It was a lovely tea. But I wouldn’t rush back. I’ve been to local ones that have been better, without the hassle of getting up to London. Still, very enjoyable.

The following day, I met up with a uni friend. Spot the ex-publishing students: we went to the British Library (neither of us have been before, despite me working around the corner!) and a floating bookshop!

If you’re ever in the King’s Cross area, I strongly recommend Word on the Water. It’s a converted canal boat turned into the cutest bookshop I’ve ever encountered. It’s packed with books of all sorts: fiction, non-fictions, old titles, new titles, kids, adults… Definitely the type of place you would find those random titles you’ve been looking for forever.

I’m not certain what I expected from the British Library. It was fascinating looking at the old manuscripts – some of them are so beautiful. I would love to take my laptop one day and write in there. I would also love to get a reader’s pass and be able to get past all the checkpoints. Maybe one day!

It was an exhausting couple of days but it was nice doing something different. They were two completely different days: one felt fancy, one proved what you could do without spending any money (unless the books distract you as they did me!).

What would you recommend as a day out? Do you have any favourites?

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29 thoughts on “A day out in London

  1. I definitely wouldn’t mind the rich and bizarre cake flavours but afternoon teas can definitely be a bit hit and miss! That book shop looks so cute! I live basically next to London but I’ve never been there!

    Jenny in Neverland

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  2. The “Word on the Water” book shop sounds like the cutest idea ever. I adore the fancy tea time! We have a place in Vienna that offers this too and I always feel fancy and out of place at the same time …

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    • Ooh I haven’t been to Covent Garden for ages, unless I’m just passing through. Feeling the need now, aha. I love finding the more unusual places.


    • It’s just on the canal (sorry, that was stupid, where else would it be?!) so it’s really close to the station if you were just passing through as well. It’s so cute, I love it.


  3. I can’t wait to visit London one day. Sounds like you had a lovely day despite that not being your favorite afternoon tea spot. I’ll have to find a great one when I go one day!
    That bookshop looks really cute!

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  4. I will be in London in June and have to check out that bookshop. When my wife and I were in Venice, we went to the bookshop that stores books in a Gondola, and has a “stairway” made of books that you walk on as well!


  5. I haven’t been to London in so long! The afternoon tea looks lovely in the pictures, but I agree that Afternoon Tea can sometimes not always be so great food wise, I’ve been to a few where I’ve probably only liked one sandwich and the other sandwiches I’ve not been a fan of, but they always look very nice and cute!

    Chloe xx


  6. That afternoon tea looks delicious! Something I’ll have to do at some point (either in London or closer to home). That book boat looks so cute and I’ll be checking it out next time I’m in London for sure, along with the British Library which I’ve still not been too.


  7. Marmalade is a bit of an out-there choice for scones! But then, I used to work in a cafe that just to do cheese scones with onion marmalade, so perhaps I am just extremely cautious with my scone habits.

    I love the British Library – and reader passes are free and very easy to get! I got one so I could come along when my husband was on research trips, and set up and write with him, but also so that I could get info for him when I was in London and he wasn’t. It’s a lovely place to hang out, although I haven’t yet managed to get to any of the paid exhibitions. Have you visited the Wellcome Museum? It’s just up the road from the BL, opposite Euston, and its library and bookshop are so neat. I need to go back to check out more of their exhibitions too.

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    • Aha that does sound pretty out there as well!

      Ooh thank you – I shall definitely look into it when I know if I’m going to have the chance to sit and work. I would love to write in there, it would be awesome! No, I haven’t yet – looks like the Wellcome Museum is definitely one to add to the list – thank you so much!

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