Top 5 fantasy authors

You all know I love my fantasy books. Reading has always been an escape for me, a chance to disappear into another world and forget about everything. I think fantasy has always appealed so much because you can be anyone you want in those worlds: an elite warrior, a powerful sorcerer, even a dragon rider, and the only people who tell you no are ultimately the ones that get defeated by the end of the book. Result!

I am a fantasy writer as well. Building your own world, your own rules, is complicated, true, but I find it empowering. The only person telling you something isn’t possible is yourself when you’re contradicting something you’ve already established. You have the freedom to explore worlds, ideas, magic, whatever you want, in a way that is unique to you.

Top five fantasy authors

I’ve been struggling writing recently, with a case of writer’s block that’s been worse with any I’ve previously dealt with. I know most of it is in my mind, but that doesn’t stop it being real. To try and combat it, I started thinking about the authors that make the genre for me, and picked out my top five.

Christopher Paolini

The Fork, the Witch and the Worm by Christopher Paolini review

You must have known this was coming: I can’t get through a book tag without mentioning the Inheritance Series. This was a series that took me from enjoying fantasy to loving it, so credit where credit is due. His world is my escape and these books will always be a firm favourite.

Robin Hobb

Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb review

I’m constantly cursing myself for not hurrying up with her books. I’ve so far read two of her trilogies and adored them. I’m not sure an author has ever played with my emotions as much as Robin Hobb – I’ve laughed and I’ve cried in abundance during her books. I’m very excited to get to the next trilogy.

Mark Lawrence

Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence review

This also should have been obvious by the number of reviews for his work I’ve posted over the last year. He creates the perfect blend of humour and tension and every time I open a book, I know I’m in for a heck of a ride that is going to leave me buzzing.

Brent Weeks

Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks review

I’ve only read one of his two series. But I’ve subsequently bought the books to re-read because I was fascinated by his world building, his complex characters and the awesome system of magic he has in place. His work left me completely inspired and I’m planning on getting back to those books soon to help motivate myself. I’m also looking forward to his other series.

David Eddings

Enchanter's Endgame by David Eddings

An author I’ve only just discovered. Again, I’ve so far read one out of his two series There was something so utterly charming and delightful about his work though. It’s the type of fantasy you can curl up with when the world gets too much, and that’s a power which should never be overlooked.

How about you? Who are your favourite fantasy authors?

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33 thoughts on “Top 5 fantasy authors

  1. I’ve actually never really read fantasy books! I’ve always struggled with them for some reason, although I have to say, they always have the most beautiful covers! Christopher Paolini sounds like a good place to start my fantasy reading education?
    Hels xx

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  2. I will have to add these to my list, as a fantasy writer I think it’s so important to read around the genre! I’d have to put George R R Martin up there; I’m behind in the Game of Thrones books but I saw a quote yesterday which reminded me how amazing his writing can be and made me want to get my own up to scratch!

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  3. So, I need to read Mark Lawrence and David Eddings to sample their great work too. Lol Paolini is, of course, at the top of the list for you. I do hope he writes another novel (I still need to read The Fork, The Witch, and the Worm). Robin Hobb is indeed great. I can’t wait to reread the entire Realm of the Elderlings books to see how things tied into each other and what I overlooked on my first/current read through. I recently read Brent Weeks’s Night Angel trilogy and enjoyed. The ninja assassin in it is so dope! It was fun.

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    • Eddings just has a complete charm to his work, I love it. I really need to start pushing through the Robin Hobb books – I absolutely adore them but somehow it takes me ages to get around to reading them! I haven’t read the Night Angel series yet – want to though. The Lightbringer series is amazing!

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  4. This is great, Fantasy is not a genre I read a lot of now (though I did when I was younger) but I see some great series and think I need to give them a go x

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  5. This is great, Fantasy is not a genre I read a lot of now (though I did when I was younger) but I see some great series and think I need to give them a go x

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    • It’s not for everyone but I know I personally adore it. These all have very different styles of writing it as well, so it might be a case of liking some but not others!

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    • It’s not for everyone. But yes, I completely love all of these authors and they write very different fantasies – from a kind of innocent good v bad to nitty gritty, blurring the lines.


  6. Lovely post Lindsey!
    I share the same passion for fantasy too. Reading has been my escape throughout my life and fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres.
    My best fantasy writers are George R R Martin, Guillermo del Torro, Robert Jordan and J R R Tolkien!

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