Life hacks for a busy week

Working full-time makes achieving others things difficult. Keeping up-to-date with a blog, going to the gym three times a week, trying to work on my novel and still have time for inconsequential things like sleep and food means there literally aren’t enough hours in the day.

After a bad week in which I achieved nothing and felt frustrated and antsy, I started thinking about little things I do each day that helps makes it possible. Of course, weekends are spent running around, writing up posts, crawling around taking pictures – the usual. But without what I’m now fondly referring to as my life hacks, I wouldn’t even make it that far.

Life hacks

Use your commute

This obviously depends on how you get to work. I have about forty minutes on a train each way, which has turned into my guaranteed reading time. Without that time, there is no way I would be able to post three reviews a fortnight. Use this time – nap, read, listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks – whatever you need to do. Even stare out the window if that’s what you want. This reading time in the morning sets me up for the day, and helps me switch off coming home.

Go for a lunchtime walk

Again, this very obviously depends on where you work and if this is possible. But I’ve found heading out for a walk at lunchtime helps in multiple ways. Going out, coupled with my commute, means I reach my 10,000 steps a day. It also gets me away from air-conditioning and the office environment, clears my head and sets me up for the afternoon.

To-do lists

Use your evenings

This is the one that frustrates me when it doesn’t work. But I really make an effort to use my evenings. Sometimes it’s just reading or watching something. Other times, it’s making it to the gym or doing some blog work. I have a couple of hours between home/dinner/etc and bed and if I can utilise that time, it makes me feel productive and motivated for the next day. Now the evenings are lighter, I’m really trying to focus on this.

Keep a bottle of water with you

At home, I’m pretty bad at drinking enough water. At work, however, I’ve realised I’m pretty good. I keep my water bottle topped up and whenever I stop to think, or need to look away from my screen, I have some. It keeps me hydrated and stops the headaches. It sounds really simple, but when you’re busy, it’s such an easy thing to forget.

Palmers hand cream, clarins moisturiser and body shop body butter

Listen to your body

I’m awful at this one. But I’m trying. Put some moisturiser on. Get an early night. Rest when you need to. I’ve recently discovered how much better I feel in myself when I can get close to eight hours sleep rather than less than seven. Time to put me first, not the list.

How about you? What helps you get through the week?

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33 thoughts on “Life hacks for a busy week

    • That sounds an amazing thing to do. I haven’t quite mastered realistic plans yet which is a problem but that definitely sounds like the perfect way to set you up for the week.


    • Even watching something is doing something! There can be the lazy that is nice and chilled, and the lazy when you’re frustrated because you wanted to do things and haven’t.


  1. I relate to so many of these things – particularly the drinking habits, actually – at work it’s 17,000 cups of tea a day plus plenty of water – at home, I basically shrivel up and die of thirst. It would definitely help to try and be more mindful of my hydration at home. I think I also need to get out and walk at lunch – thank you for reminding me. Personally, I think I benefit from the fact that I cycle to work – obviously no reading time, but it forces me to do some exercise 🙂 Thank you for the really startlingly relatable post!

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    • Thank you so much! Cycling to work is great – and definitely a benefit, especially if you can’t get out at lunch. We all have different ways of slipping in the things that matter somehow. And why is it just so hard to remember to drink enough at home, aha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. These are some really good hacks! I have a 40 minute commute for me to do and sometimes I just listen to music and sometimes I go on social media. I’m quite bad at the walking at lunch time bit though as I try to get everything done as soon as possible so I can go home earlier!

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  3. These are such great suggestions, Lindsey! Going for a lunchtime walk is such a good way to feel re-energized for the afternoon. Listening to our bodies is such an important one, I need to work on switching off and getting enough sleep, it does make such a difference the next day. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


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