Television Review: Jamestown, Series 3

Review: Jamestown, series 3

Show: Jamestown, Series 3

Company: Carnival Film & Television / Sky 1

Date: 2019

Plot: Its boom time in Jamestown, the 17th Century English Settlement on the very edge of the breathtaking Virginian wilderness. But success brings scrutiny and intrigue, and there are few in the settlement who have nothing to hide.

Unlikely alliances have been formed; some provide friendship, some offer love, and some lead to great peril. Relations with the Native Americans offer hope of advancement for the settlers until greed for land and power corrupts those with influence in the colony. What ensues is devastating conflict; the fallout of which will shape the New World for centuries to come.

This final season written by Bill Gallagher, brings the epic story to an exhilarating close.

Series 1 | Series 2

Jamestown was a bit of a spontaneous watch when it started: we had just got Sky, I saw a few adverts and figured why not. I surprised myself by how much I was swept up in the stories: charming, gentle characters finding what they are capable of when presented with trials they couldn’t imagine.

While disappointed that the third series is the last, I was looking forward to returning to Virginia and seeing what was in store.

The first two series had a strong focus on Alice and Silas: their romance; their marriage; their attempt at a new life. Within the first few episodes, however, Alice leaves for England, removing a key player and shifting the dynamic of the relationships. She had an innocent way of looking at things, despite everything she had been through, and there weren’t the light-hearted moments that were scattered throughout previous series.

Verity – despite being as outspoken, opinionated and deeply loving as before – also didn’t seem to feature as strongly. The story-arcs she had were strong, but she wasn’t given as much time.

The series was split into two main arcs: the increasing hostilities with the naturals and the issue of slavery. Behind both of these is Governor Yeardley: the villain that everyone is determined to take down and no one seems to be able to touch.

With the introduction of a strange newcomer, Jocelyn hopes to unseat the man once and for all, but learns Yardley will not stand for any insubordination (demonstrated by a violent and shocking death near the beginning). She must learn what she is prepared to risk – and whether love is just another weakness she must overcome.

A man’s rights and his freedom are strong themes throughout. Pedro and Maria learn their true worth to Yeardley, and are desperate to find a way to free not only themselves, but Jamestown, from his grip. James seeks peace and struggles to find it, Meredith finds just how far he can push Verity, and the Sharrows must adjust their family to deal with changes.

There are some heavy episodes – the themes that are covered in this series makes for intense storylines. But there are moments of happiness: Pepper and Mercy finding their own romance was innocent and joyful, and the perfect balance for some of the darker themes.

I confess I know little about this period in history. While I am pleased that they tried to keep the show true to what actually happened with the conflict between the English and the natives, the ending left me with a strange feeling. The characters were just overcoming their demons, and then lost everything. Historical accuracy is one thing, I’m just not certain it gave it a satisfying ending knowing the characters didn’t get a chance at a happy ending – or their comeuppance.

While there was suspense and violence, heart-breaking and joy, this is a slow-paced series that didn’t always completely engage me. But I still enjoyed it and am pleased to have seen it.

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7 thoughts on “Television Review: Jamestown, Series 3

  1. I have heard of this but haven’t watched it. The historical backdrop isn’t one I’m that familiar with either but the elements of Romance and relationship dynamics you’ve mentioned sound appealing!

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  2. I’ve recently binged Outlander which was such an amazing show and I’ve been looking for another show that is set in the past and has the romance elements as well as the historical accuracy so this sounds like a great watch! Thanks for sharing x

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  3. Fantastic review. I am a book blogger and writer, so I’m not one to watch movies or TV much anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love TV but I much prefer TV shows over movies and I wind up getting sucked in and in some trouble when I do sit down to watch it. This one sounds really good though.

    It always bitter sweet when they end a series, but I always prefer they end it over keeping something alive too long and allowing it to die in a different way.

    I’m very happy you enjoyed it over all. I personally love it when stories don’t shy away from those deeper scenes while picking the audience up with the happier moments. 😊

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    • Thank you so much! Yes, I’m also mainly a book blogger and then just find myself swept up in something and realise I need a review for the slot, aha!

      Definitely – I’d rather they gave something a proper end than just keep spinning it out and it becomes rubbish.

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy whatever else you decide to watch next.

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  4. I’ve never seen this show but it’s a shame this one wasn’t quite as good as the first two! It’s sad how often the final seasons of shows can be a little disappointing. Great review x



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