My evening skin care routine

It’s been a couple of months since my morning routine posts and thought it was time to continue the series.

After a long day in London, washing the day away is bliss. But, for me, my night time routine is more about preparing for the next day than dealing with the one just gone.

Sticking to a routine and completing my skin-care routine before going to bed, always makes me feel better in the morning. Don’t underestimate how much better the day starts when your skin is feeling nice and fresh!

Evening routine

What does this evening routine involve? It’s nothing strenuous – I wouldn’t bother otherwise and there would be no point even attempting it. But it does involve a few favourites:

My Clarins Re-Charge | The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Control overnight gel

I alternate between these two creams. With having combination skin, I’m aware of trying to get a balance. The Seaweed Oil-Control is fantastic – it really helps my skin feel even. No where feels greasy or dry and if I’ve used a moisturising product in the evening (like a face mask), I go for this one.

But I also have a fight against dehydrated skin. I adore the Re-charge cream. It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy, but super refreshed. It’s not heavy to put on and soaks in really well. Certainly my favourite new discovery for a little while.

Coconut Oil Hand Cream | Sally Hansen’s Moisture Rehab

Palmer’s hand cream became a favourite a few years ago. I swear by this product. It has a thick texture, but your hands never feel greasy when you use it, even if you’ve put too much on. It soaks in quickly and it works! I’ve tried a few hand-creams where I swear my hands are getting worse the more I put on, but I actually feel a difference with this one after just a couple of uses.

Like everything else, I’m hit and miss with my nails. When I don’t have them painted, however, I try and use this oil in an evening. I use it after hand-cream, so then I don’t rub it straight off. I do notice a difference – my nails don’t flake as much when I’m consistent with it and feel stronger.

When trying to link this one though, I couldn’t find it! So I really hope they haven’t stopped it….

The Body Shop Body Butter

I’ve constantly got one of these on the go. At the moment, it happens to be a Christmas one despite being July! But the thicker texture than moisturiser means I love it for my feet, especially when they are feeling dry. Massaging a bit of this in to dry areas, especially my heels, really makes a difference!

Lip Balm

I admit, this varies depending on what I’ve got on the go. At the moment, it’s a Body Shop one and feels super moisturising. It soaks in really fast though rather than a long-lasting impact and can be harder to get hold of. But I make sure something goes on my lips!

Do you have an evening routine? What do you include?

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14 thoughts on “My evening skin care routine

  1. I also suffer from dehydrated skin, and love trying anything that will give it some love! Might have to check out the Re-Charge! I’m glad it sinks in quick, I hate the feeling of moisturiser/skincare on my pillow!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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