Dealing with bad days

**These are just a few hacks that help me. If you struggle with mental health or bad days like this, please speak to a professional.**

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of the worst mental health days I’d had in a while and spent the day in bed, feeling sorry for myself and not caring about anything. I didn’t want to read; I didn’t want to watch anything; I didn’t want to do anything vaguely creative.

It was frustrating because I couldn’t snap myself out of it. I knew what had caused it: a number of factors all played a part and I reached a tipping point. When you only have two days off a week, however, and you’ve lost one feeling awful, it’s not great. I was determined that I wasn’t going to lose a second day.

It took a lot of effort. The trouble was that I couldn’t be bothered. But with some gritted teeth and continuous pep talks, I forced myself to carry out a few things that gave me a chance of feeling better the next day:


I made myself go and have a shower and get dressed. I didn’t get as far as my usual moisturisers, but being out of my pyjamas helped. I then made myself wash my face properly and did manage to do a face mask.

I admit: it made me feel better. But it meant when I woke up the next day, I didn’t have that horrible greasy feeling you get when you haven’t been looking after yourself. It at least gave me a chance of starting the day right.


In amidst my not-being-bothered, I had done a very good job at barely eating all day. I knew that would make me feel ill the following day.

This took a two-fold approach. The first thing I did was make myself a green smoothie. It meant I had something nutritious that would have some benefit. It also lined my stomach and helped stimulate an appetite.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on healthy eating. But I wasn’t in the mood to be good. I forgot all about that and just let myself eat what I want. Yes, it involved chocolate. But at least that meant I was eating something, which was more than I was managing before!


As I mentioned before, I wasn’t really in the mood to watch anything. But I had spent the day in a daze, my thoughts in a downward spiral. I knew there was no chance of getting a good night sleep like that.

I made myself put something on. I went for a repeat of an old favourite, where I didn’t have to pay attention. But it gradually started to draw me in and at least occupied my mind in some way. I then made a chamomile tea and tried to use the distraction to let go of some of the negative feeling I had been carrying around.

The combination helped me the following day. Sometimes it’s easier to just give up on one day, knowing you won’t get it back, and focus on rescuing the following day.

Do you have a few tricks that give you a fighting chance of turning a day around? Let me know in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Dealing with bad days

  1. I suffer anxiety which is crippling at times. I’ll make myself put some simple make up on. This works for me two fold, I feel better about myself and I have a face to show the world, even if it’s not my true one. Fake it till you make it.


  2. I’ve never really had a lot of mental issues, I can only imagine and sympathize with those who do. Lately, however, after my knee surgery, I have been understanding how some people mental health affects them. I have constantly felt lost, alone, borderline depressed and anxious all in the span of a few days. It’s frustrating, annoying and quite honestly sucks. For me, I found that reading a cheery sappy romance book helps. I know that’s probably very bizarre, but the lovey-dovey feeling of the book makes me smile and forget about the bad things for a while.


  3. Thank you for sharing that.

    I do things similar to what you did there that day.

    Also, I go walking, if I can. I have problems with walking at the moment, but if there’s any way I can manage, I do that to get my metabolism going. I *always* come home feeling better afterwards. Knowing that I will feel better is what gets me out there. It’s bio-chemisty.

    I also try to get as much light and air into the house as I can. Light and air help you physically as well.

    I try to make sure I’m keeping very well hydrated.

    There have been days when none of that helped, though, and that’s when I try to allow myself to fail and aim for better tomorrow.


  4. For me, doing something I love is a big day brightener. It depends on the day but it can range from reading something I enjoy to watching 5+ episodes of my fav series on Netflix. Self care is super important for me too, even if I don’t always have the time to go through a super pamper moment. I sometimes just throw on a face mask or take a shower with some of my fav shower gel. It’s little things that can make a huge difference.

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  5. Really sorry to hear you had such a bad day. I can definitely relate. It hasn’t happened in a while but I’ve definitely had those days where doing ANYTHING feels like the hardest thing in the world. When I have days like that, I resort to junk food more than healthy food. Which I know is the opposite of what you always hear but at the end of the day, when I’m feeling THAT bad, I want anything that will make me a little happier. And usually that’s a big greasy Domino’s Pizza haha! x


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