Netgalley Wrap-up: November 2019

I’ve been putting this post off as I’m hoping for a couple of requests to be approved. They’re books I’m highly excited about, so will naturally get a prime spot in this post.

But, in the style of being organised, I figured I should stop delaying and actually get on with sorting out some posts.

This year has been full of fantastic books. There’s been a lot of new releases I’m excited for, a lot of new authors I’ve fallen in love with, and it makes me appreciate Netgalley more than ever.

Netgalley review

So, for the final time this year, here’s what’s on my shelf:

Oldest book on shelf:

Someone Like Me by M.R Carey

Someone Like Me by M.R Carey

Thoughts: I have to admit, I had to re-read the synopsis to be able to write this – I’d totally forgotten about this one! It still catches my attention though and looks to be a gripping read, so I’m still looking forward to it (when I get around to it!)

Newest book on shelf:

To Kill a Fae by Jamie A. Waters

To Kill a Fae by Jamie A. Waters

Thoughts: Despite fae turning up in other fantasy titles I’ve read, I’ve never chosen one specifically because they are involved. I wanted to branch out and explore that side of the genre, and this caught my eye. Hopefully a good read.

Oldest publication date:

Outre by D.J Adamson

Outre by D.J Adamson

Thoughts: Although the publication date is back in 2015, I didn’t request this that long ago. What really drew my attention was the blur of genres: it’s classified as science-fiction/fantasy, but when you read the synopsis, there’s historical elements thrown in as well as mystery. It sounds really intriguing and I’m hoping to read this very shortly to see what it is about.

Newest publication date:

Dark Mother Earth by Kristian Novak

Dark Mother Earth by Kristian Novak

Thoughts: Any book with a writer as a protagonist captures my attention. I always love reading about their thought processes and how other writers think/work. Throw in a good novel in the process, and you’re onto a winner. I have my fingers crossed this one is going to be as good as I’m hoping but with a publication date of next January, it’s not on the top of my pile.

Most looking forward to…

Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto

Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto

Thoughts: This is where I hoped a few requests would have been granted. But I’ve heard a lot about this book and have every intention of reading it closer to the publication date and then life happened, and here I am months later still excited for it and not having read it. I’m really looking forward to it though after every review I’ve read!

There we are; lots of exciting reads still coming up over the next couple of months. I’ve been much better at controlling my pile this year (well, my Netgalley one at least, even if I’m not mentioning by TBR pile in general!).

I definitely will have a resolution to be able to publish closer to release dates next year though..!

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