Highlights of 2019

I’ve read a few wrap-up posts lately and seeing people celebrate what they have achieved this year inspired me. I wanted to do one of my own, but as well as looking at what have been strong posts for me, I also wanted to see what they taught me.

This has been a year of growth. A Rambling Reviewer is almost twice the size as it was last year, which makes me so grateful to everyone who takes the time to stop by, especially those who leave me a like or drop a comment. It keeps me blogging to be honest.

I wanted to break this down into different categories in regards to what has done well this year and what lessons each post has taught me about myself as a blogger.

Highlights of 2019

Top book review: Pendragon by James Wilde

Pendragon by James Wilde

A historical fantasy book set before the legend of King Arthur, this was a dark and engaging read. I was surprised by how well it seemed to do as my historical reviews do not tend to get as much traction. This review was a lesson in what happens when Pinterest works as it seems that is where the majority of the traffic came from. A learning curve if nothing else!

Top ‘ramblings’ post: Negative Reviews: Honest Reviewing

Negative Reviews

I always have doubts when I write a more personal piece. I always think I’m choosing topics that people won’t be interested in and I’m just rambling. I was nervous about posting this one because it felt like people might not react well to it given that I know some people are against negative reviews. This also addressed who I am as a book-reviewer, which felt like an important piece to write. It was encouraging to see it go down well.

Top television/film review: Jamestown, Series 2/ Grimm, Series 6

Grimm, season 6

Technically speaking, my top review in terms of stats was Jamestown, series 1. But as with Pendragon, Pinterest worked to my advantage.

 I thought it would be fairer to only chose posts that had gone live this year as well. At the time of writing, these have had the same number of views. I’ve been doubting lately whether writing television reviews are still engaging and looking at the stats has shown me that book-related content does performing much stronger for me.

I do find them harder to write, especially when it’s a long running series. Looking at the stats and where these two came, it is leaving me uncertain whether I should continue with these or not.

Lessons learnt from 2019:

You never know what is going to work and what isn’t. I was pleasantly surprised my how well a couple of beauty related posts did as that is out of my comfort zone. It’s taught me that not knowing stops me from trying to find a tight niche because I feel like I should have one and instead keep going with what I enjoy.

How about you? What have you learnt this year?

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40 thoughts on “Highlights of 2019

  1. I feel what you say about writing negative pieces. I for one welcome these as long as they are written genuinely and honestly. Doing it for clicks is uninteresting in my opinion. Sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing – great post 😊

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  2. Nicely wrapped up! To answer the question, 2019 was a great shift in my life. I started writing vigorously and publishing them online (something I dreamt of) It taught me that if you really feel something in your heart, it will happen in a miraculous way!

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  3. 2019 was the year I’ve put myself more out there in terms of social media presence. I did take a long unplanned hiatus but now I’m back and hopefully will stay and I’ll get even more confident and stronger in the presence. I’ll have failures but I’ll also have successes. As for the blog, it’s only 2 months old and I’m still trying to find my footing but as I work on it, it’s gonna get better.

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    • Aww thank you so much, that means a lot! Pendragon was good – grim, but a gripping read, I’m very excited for the final book. Ah, I love Grimm! Sad it’s over now (bring on the re-watch!)


  4. You did awesome, lovely!! Never be surprised how well your posts do because you have such a way with words! Plus you can never go wrong with King Arthur! c; I know I would be creatively starved if I stuck to one niche. It’s why I do a few. Keeps my brain going!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived


  5. I love reading fantasy stories, but haven’t checked the first book which I think its interesting and might give it a read. Thank you for sharing it.

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  6. Ooo that Pendragon book sounds interesting! And I’m so happy to hear that Pinterest has been going well for you! That’s something I want to work on more this year–learning strategies and giving more time to Pinterest. It’s so interesting to see which posts end up doing the best because sometimes it’s not the ones I expect.
    Also, I watched the first season or two of Grimm when it first came out, but I never finished it. I’ve been meaning to start it over and watch it all the way through.

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    • Pinterest is a funny one for me in that I’ve got a couple of posts that have really worked… and I have no idea why and it’s only them 😂 hopefully I’ll figure it out! I think Grimm gets stronger – I wasn’t totally blown away by the first season but kept with it and really enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by!

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  7. I totally understand the feeling about writing negative reviews or negative sounding posts… but I feel like people appreciate the honesty as long as the words are not mean-spirited!

    Also, I totally relate to the feeling of not venturing out to try new niches. My niche is beauty, but I’m always nervous to share a fashion post…. this was a great reminder to step out of my comfort zone, too!

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