Going green: making sustainable choices

I’ve seen a lot of inspirational posts as bloggers discuss the ways they’re going green. I’ve been feeling really inspired and wanted to write my own.

The raising awareness of plastic, the harm it’s causing and the rubbish we’re producing was highlighted more in 2019 than any other year I remember – and about time, too!

Being inspired is a great feeling – and has become easier to make changes with movements like the charge for a disposable coffee cup.

It can be hard knowing what to do in your own home, however. There are some great products out there, but what if you’re already stocked up? I can find it difficult to justify the expense when I’ve got spares in my cupboard – although it will definitely be a case of making the switch when it comes to replacing them.

With the festive time of year just gone, I thought I’d look at the way I did make a few changes – and cost-effective ones as well.

Going green

Brown paper and fabric ribbon

This Christmas, I wrapped all my gifts in brown paper and used fabric ribbon to help decorate them. The bits of ribbon not long enough to be reused when straight for textiles while the lengthier bits were kept for re-using.

It looked effective (coming from the girl who hates wrapping). But it was also cheap – 3 for 2 on the brown paper from WHSmiths and I haven’t finished a roll, despite having large boxes to wrap. The ribbon was £13 for 20 colours from Amazon – and I’ve got enough to last me for years.


Talking of Amazon… Being a prime customer, I’m guilty of clicking buy as soon as I want something. But over Christmas, I made the effort of ticking the box that groups the packages into a minimum number of parcels, even if that meant waiting an extra day. We all know Amazon isn’t best at restricting their packaging – one big box is less than three individual ones! We’re so used to receiving products instantly, even putting in several orders rather than waiting and grouping them together.

Using an old jar for make-up brushes


I was after a stand for make-up after having a bit of a tidy up. There are some snazzy looking boxes out there, until you realise they are all acrylic. After a bit of a search, I found a bamboo shelf – and I love it, far more than I did those boxes. It fits in with my room, looks good – and is far more environmentally friendly than a plastic box.


Of course, there had to be some changes. There are so many options for reusable cotton pads that I was spoilt for choice, but it’s an easy way of preventing yourself from putting things in the bin!

As mentioned, there are some fantastic posts out there full of inspirational products I’d never heard of previously that I’m definitely investing in for the future. But there are just a couple of quick and easy changes I’m trying to implement myself.

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25 thoughts on “Going green: making sustainable choices

  1. I love your thoughts and ideas here. I use old jars for so many things. Trying to go green at our house has been great. We have become a lot more conscious of everything we use and waste. It makes such a difference!


  2. Great changes Lindsey. Im so glad I made the move to going more sustainable etc ~ we all have a part to play. The bamboo shelf unit for your bathroom is lovely, great design. That was my favourite item. Helen


  3. Wonderful suggestions indeed. We have just moved on board our yacht and are trying to leave less of a footprint and definitely be ‘greener’. I will be collecting rubbish from the ocean while we are out there too.


  4. Love the Amazon tip, and the spirit of this post. We are trying to be more aware and careful about how we buy and what we use, it’s not a simple adjustment in a house with kids, but they get educated about in school – A LOT so it makes it easier. The kid’s school banned the use of disposable dishes in school and class events so as a community it made us all more aware and creative with our choices. Thank you for the great tips.


  5. All great ideas. I need to get my act together at Christmas and start early so I can have them all ship together. I’m using a Oui yogurt jar for my brushes.


  6. I think brown paper and fabric ribbon has a great rustic feel to it, and it is a small change to make!
    Ordering things in one order is nice, and something I always do, but Amazon had a terrible habit of tossing one small box into a huge box and mailing it out! On the subject of Amazon, you reminded me to order a book I would otherwise have forgotten. 🙂


  7. Love this topic! I love anything that helps our planet and being green. I’ve sadly fallen off the wagon, but these tips have really given me some ideas on how to stop making waste and recycle. As long as we take one step at a time to change how we use things, our planet will be happy and healthy.


  8. You made such a good point talking about replacing items that you’re currently stocked up on. So many people just throw them out when they want to make the switch, which is even more wasteful 😦
    The makeup stand looks great! I personally don’t wear makeup, but I’d totally see that stand in my future apartment with plants on it. Bamboo objects look so good in modern spaces.

    x Envy


  9. Thank you for sharing your amazing tips! Gosh how much paper did I waste at Christmas? Your suggestions of brown paper and ribbons are something I will be acting upon in the future as my family and I try to be more eco friendly xxxx


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