February 2020 | 5 Films for your TBW list

While I play catch up with a few seasons (seriously, mid-season breaks confuse me!), I thought it was time to see what else I’d been watching.

Every month I vow I’m going to watch more films, then I end up binging something and not doing it. It’s taken me four months to watch 3 Star Trek films…and I still haven’t done it!

But I did get around to a couple recently – here are my thoughts:



I was desperate to see this because it’s always been my favourite Disney film. I watched it on a plane – not the best viewing experience – but you know what, I really enjoyed it. I liked the slightly different take on, I enjoyed Will Smith’s Genie and I loved that they played on Aladdin’s cheeky side. Jasmine is stronger than the original version and I liked what they did with it. One I’ll watch again.

The Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines

I kept seeing the book but haven’t read it yet. I figured I’d give the film a go to see what it was about. It took a little bit to get into it due to the world-building etc but I ended up enjoying it. Nothing to rave about and I have no idea if it is true to the book, but it made for an entertaining evening watching, so no complaints there!

Pitch Perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3

The first film is a go-to for my sister and I. We finally had a movie night to watch the third. I didn’t have high hopes – I’d heard a lot about how far-fetched it was and that is certainly true. It loses the charm from the first film. I was honestly expecting to turn it off, so the fact I got through it means something must have worked – just not the plot!

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

I’ve lost track of where I’m up to with the Marvel films but I hadn’t seen this one. I felt it took a different approach than the others and I enjoyed it: it had humour without the plot feeling like it was too far-fetched (as I’ve found with the other films recently). I liked the characterisations; I liked the story; and I thought the acting was good. One of the stronger Marvel films.

The Clone Wars (animated film)

The Clone wars

I’m not a huge fan of the recent Star Wars films. I figured I’d give this a go because I was ill at the time and needed something light-hearted. And I actually enjoyed it! The dialogue made it for me: it really brought their personalities out. Sure, it wasn’t the best and there are things that annoyed me, but it was fun and did what I needed at the time.

As usual, there is a strange mix of films here – I seem to have tastes that go all over the place when it comes to movies. Overall, it was an entertaining lot and they all did what I needed them to do at the time

What have you been watching?

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17 thoughts on “February 2020 | 5 Films for your TBW list

  1. Good mix of films – haven’t watched any of them but would like to see Aladdin. We’ve watched John Wick 3 this month and finally watching Joker tonight!


  2. Great reviews! My husband and I just watched Aladdin. I’ll admit we went in with pretty low expectations, but I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed it! Same with Mortal Engines. We went in not knowing what to expect, but ended up thoroughly enjoying it (I love world building, and will instantly like any book or movie that does this successfully). Thanks for the insights!


  3. Fun films! I loved captain marvel, and I’ve been meaning to watch Aladdin because I love the Disney movie! Random story: the Clone Wars movie was actually the first midnight premiere that I went to with my family when I was like 10 😂


  4. Agree with your take on Captain Marvel. The marvel purist might not have gotten over the character being a woman, but it’s fine with me, and a good watch.


  5. Interesting watches! Captain Marvel was one of my favorite Marvel movies (after the Iron Man ones – but hey, I’m a big Iron Man fan, so there ^^). The Aladdin live action was super fun! It also felt very faithful to the animated movie, if not better.

    What Star Trek films are you going to watch? I’m a Trekkie at heart, so… super curious. :3



  6. My siblings all enjoyed Aladdin! The movies I am most looking forward to are Harriet, which we will see tomorrow night, and the new Little Women. It is one of my favorite books, and I hear this film is supposed to be very good. 🙂


  7. I loved Aladin, but that might be because I have small children who love those kind of movies. Kidding. I played Jasmin in a dance play long ago(not that long, just some 10 years ago :)) Captain Marvel was good movie, can not top Thor: Ragnarok with the humor, but it did had all of it, humor, drama and superheros


  8. I missed Aladdin at the cinema, because I’m just so tired of basically scene-for-scene remakes of animated films I loved as a kid.

    I have to agree with Pitch Perfect 3, it was dumb but watchable. It didn’t so much jump the shark as backflip over it.


  9. Pitch Perfect 3 is the only film I’ve seen from this list. I’ve literally only watched one film this year so far because I’ve been watching so much TV! x

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