Writing Progress: February 2020

When I wrote my last writing progress post in August, I was full of good intentions with no plan in place to carry them out. Needless to say, those ambitious bore very little fruit and I barely progressed with any further edits towards the end of last year.

But, now we’re in 2020, things are changing.

Notebook and tablet on a green background

I’ve made it a resolution this year to put writing first again. This includes working on the novel, but also going back to fanfiction. Even now, after ten years of writing it, I still keep it quiet – it seems to be a topic where people either get it, or they don’t. And there’s no way of bridging that gap.

What am I writing?

I have a couple of fandoms that have a place in my writing heart. I can dive into those stories and lose myself in the fun of it: I know these characters and I don’t have to make up the worlds, only play with what I’ve been given. I challenge my writing styles writing fanfiction and I push myself into genres that I’ve never written before. It’s almost my writing practice for the novel.

I say almost, because I also really care about these stories. My attention to detail and way I write has been formed from countless fanfictions, honing my writing and – by not linking my stories – I can take the characters at the same age, the same point in their lives, and do something totally different.

I can’t do that with the novel. My main character is rebellious when it comes to letting me have a solid writing session and, in my mind, his story is far more linear.

How am I writing?

Bringing the focus back to writing means indulging in both types of writing. With the novel, however, I’m hoping to edit two chapters a month. It’s ambitious, but having the target means I’m working consistently, which is helping iron out some of the problems – mainly that I was leaving it for so long between sessions I couldn’t remember where I was up to.

I’m starting to use Scrivener properly as well. I have nothing against Word: I write everything on Word. But to break up the chapters and keep things organised, I’m finding Scrivener is easier. I really like the folder breakdown and easily compiling your work so far.

When am I writing?

In order to fit it in an otherwise busy schedule, I’m trying to do half a chapter a week. I’m using both monthly and weekly goals this year and by including novel work in those goals, it helps me justify the time (my brain works in weird ways, what can I say?).

Writing is always my release; my way of coping the week. How have I got to the point where I’m having to force myself to prioritise my favourite thing as otherwise, I feel guilty? If there’s one thing I’m recognising writing this, it’s taking the time for the things you love should not be a chore. No more excuses this year!

How do you fit in the things you love? Can you find the time for them?

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17 thoughts on “Writing Progress: February 2020

  1. Writing has definitely always been my release too, so it’s crap when you don’t have enough time to do it! It sounds like you’re making very good progress with your writing though, so you should really be proud of yourself 🙂 x

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  2. I think it’s great that you’re making more progress with your writing in 2020. It can be so hard to juggle your hobbies with life so well done for making an effort and managing to squeeze it in x


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  3. Lindsey,
    I love how you are using the fanfiction writing to further your writing skills and get the juices flowing! It is hard to always fit the things you love in to a packed day. I make it work by just fitting in what I can each day, even if it might only be fifteen minutes. Every step forward is a step forward, even if it’s just a small step!

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