Arrow Season 8 Review

Arrow Review | Season 8

It’s hard to believe that the series that started the Arrowverse off has come to an end. I initially took two attempts to start watching series 1 because I couldn’t connect with it, and now, here we are, 8 seasons later. There’s been some ups and downs but today I’m sharing my review of Arrow, season 8.

Company:  DC Entertainment | Date: 2019/2020

Plot: Following the arrival of The Monitor, Oliver Queen left his home, his family, & his team behind to take on his most challenging battle yet, knowing the cost may be his life. But this time it’s not just his city he’s seeking to protect – it’s the entire multiverse. Oliver’s quest will send him on a journey where he is forced to confront the ultimate question: what is the true cost of being a hero?

Arrow, Season 8 Review

I’ve watched Arrow from the beginning. All 8 seasons. There was no way I was missing the final ever series.

But I wish I’d given up a while ago.

My last reviews sum up how I’ve been feeling: not connecting with the newer members of the team and missing the dynamic of our classic trio. The time-travel element introduced was okay (stranger things have happened) but despite the strong acting, Mia’s character was annoying, the kids’ storyline felt like clutching at straws and it had lost a lot charm.

It pains me to admit it, but season 8 didn’t pull any of these elements back either.

A universe that’s too big

In the early days, I was the first to squeal at a cross-over episode, even if I was behind on first The Flash and then Supergirl. When it reached the point you had to be at exactly the right moment across three different series to have any chance of concluding the plot line, I started missing out. Just the odd episode here and there but it grated on me.

My trouble here is that it’s so reliant on watching the other series. I’m not up-to-date on them; I had no idea what was going on for the majority of season 8. That undermined the emotional element because I was too busy trying to work out how they ended up on a different planet to pay attention to what was happening with the characters.

Arrow season 8 review

Considering what happens to some major players this time, it was a shame not to feel invested in a previously-loved world.

There weren’t many things I enjoyed here: didn’t feel for the characters, got lost in the plot and spent half of it bored and the other half confused.

Instead, I thought I’d take a look back.

Favourite parts of the 8 series

The first three/four were the strongest. I loved the Oliver-Felicity-Diggle dynamic and the way they grew, both in terms of relationships and individually. Those who began as secondary characters – Laurel, Roy, Thea etc –had the chance to take centre stage and be more than the ex-lover/sister/protégé characters by holding their own. The expansion of the team felt natural.

The plots were simpler in these earlier ones, making the villains seem darker. The characters had to battle their inner demons to defeat them, rather than whole alternate multiverses full of dark matter.

For me, it started to weaken as the ‘verse grew bigger. It couldn’t be contained but Arrow was still too grounded in reality to properly adapt to this change in direction. As the relationships fractured, new characters didn’t hold my attention and what made the show brilliant started to become undermined, which was a shame.

Final Thoughts

A disappointing ending to what was a mixed run. I hope to revisit it one day when I can fill in the blanks to see if it has a different impact. It finished off the arc for our main couple effectively though – which was satisfying.

Would I recommend it? I guess the early seasons are worth it.

Have you got series you stay with out of loyalty? What have you been watching?

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Arrow Season 8
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28 thoughts on “Arrow Review | Season 8

  1. Similar feelings about series 8. Haven’t finished it, kind of lost interest. Also, could not yet watch the final Crisis episode which is in Legends, a series I’m not overly fond of…

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    • I’ve watched the crisis ones totally out of order cos I saw the arrow part, then caught up with flash so that whole story arc was lost on me, which is annoying as it was kinda a big deal across several series. I’m glad it’s finished to be honest.


  2. I loved reading this post. It’s such a honest review and I definitely know where your coming from. I’ve watched a few series out of loyalty rather than enjoyment.


  3. I’ve never seen this series though it was raved about for some time by friends of mine. I guess they felt the same way as you do about the characters since they stopped watching.


  4. Hi Lindsey
    Thank you for this awesome review, when read  ‘I wish I’d given up a while ago.’
    My inner self said.. finally someone that gets it.
    I was a fan of all the four; Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & Legends of tomorrow.
    But today, I cannot even waste a minute of my time to watch either. I was so disappointed in Arrow that I did not go beyond season 6
    I kept wondering.. what exactly is happening. The series was losing the spark in it. To make matters worse, the other three were deteriorating at an even scarier rate. Until I decided to ditch them all. My apologies for rumbling here. But I felt like, let me vent in someone that gets it.


  5. I haven’t watched this series in a while but I’m hoping to catch up with it soon. I used to love this series but I lost interest over time and moved on to other shows. I do want to finish it though to see how it ends because it was a show I watched when it first started. This is a great and honest review!


  6. I’ve not seen any of this series but I’ve definitely had those feelings before with series that just didn’t feel the same by the end. Misfits is one I gave up on because the new characters just didn’t resonate with me. Same with Skins, the last generation cast was awful!


  7. As much as I enjoyed the series at the start, I think I only watched up to Season 3 or 4. It kind of started being a bit too dragging for me. I’m more partial to Flash, but I hear that they’ve kind of intertwined the episodes so you have to watch most of them together to get the gist of what’s happening (not sure how true that is). If that’s the case, I’m just fine where I am not watching, LOL!


  8. I’ve Never watched Arrow properly, I’ve seen an odd episode to check it out, it is the sort of thing I’d watch. Thanks for the good honest review.


  9. I’ve never watched Arrow but I know what you mean about staying with a season out of loyalty. We loved the first two seasons of Homeland but it seemed to go downhill from there. And I feel the same about Killing Eve too, sadly. Adored the first season but then gave up after the first couple of episodes of season two. The only series I’ve stayed loyal too (and am currently re-watching all over again) is The Vampire Diaries! Lisa x


  10. I can definitely relate to this – I never leave a series unfinished, book or TV, because I just need to know how it ends no matter if I’m not enjoying it that much any longer. Shadowhunters was a classic example of this for me. Thanks for the honest review!


  11. I watched season one of arrow and that’s it. No matter how much I try, I can’t fully commit to a series except books. This is an honest review so thanks for sharing


  12. I LOVED Arrow in the beginning but I actually didn’t make it all the way to the end of the series because I just couldn’t do it anymore… As soon as I started to struggle connecting with the characters, I lost interest in what was happening. It’s always disappointing when you see a show spiral like that, especially one that you once loved!


  13. This isn’t a series I have watched but I know it’s really disappointing when a much loved show loses its appeal.


  14. I didn’t hate this season but I was clearly just riding out the last of it. One thing I did like about it though was that since it knew it was the ending, it gave a bit of a goodbye to all the characters. We said goodbye to Anatoli and Thea and Roy and obviously Diggle and Lyla and Renee and the rest of the core team so it felt kind of complete in that way. Everyone Oliver was so desperate to save and look after kind of got to say a bit of a goodbye and so did we as the viewers.


  15. That’s a shame the series wasn’t as enjoyable in the later seasons. I watched a couple of episodes of the first season and quite enjoyed them. I used to be really bad at getting through tv shows. The most number of seasons I could watch was 4. Lately I’ve been watching The Office and I’m loving every second of it. I even feel like I’ll be able to get through all 9 seasons which is pretty exciting!


  16. It’s a shame it’s not as great as it was from the start. I’ve only seen bits of this series, but it definitely seems like the type of thing I could get into. I absolutely love comic book-based shows and movies, so this is another for the list! Great review.

    Anika |


  17. I’m not sure how much of a comic-book fan you are but I reckon the last season was mainly for comic-book fans as the show focused on Crisis and the climatic, epic ending to Oliver’s character and I reckon that was handed quite well. I only watched Arrow and Flash (lost interest in Supergirl and Legends after a few seasons and didnt really have time for Black Lightning or Batwoman) but I personally didnt have an issue following what was going on. It made sense to me, maybe because I’m a big comic book fan so I knew a lot about Crisis and often watch a lot of the Comic-book youtubers who cover the CW shows. But each to their own.

    I do agree with you on that the Mia character was annoying (especially in S7 flashforwards, she was a bit better in S8). I do feel Arrow would’ve been fine without the need for the new characters but I guess the show was trying to create a Green Arrow legacy and so introducing the new new characters (not Dinah, Curtis, Rene etc.) was a way of doing so. The first few seasons were much simpler and realistic (which is ironically what made those seasons the very best of the show) but on the last point it’s part and parcel of a shared universe growing. I think of the MCU and how grounded the first Iron Man film was compared to the last MCU film to come out in Far From Home. How much the MCU and Arrowverse have changed since their first entries is almost night and day difference. That’s just my views on it and each to their own as I said befo3e

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  18. I’ve had a few series where I’ve wished I’d given up earlier but I stick it out for the sake of loyalty. You’re too invested in the characters and need to see how it pans out for them even though deep down you know you’re not that interested in the show any more. It’s a shame it didn’t pull back through and give you a final season you loved. At least you got satisfying closure on your arc! x


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  19. I’ve never seen Arrow. It is so disappointing when you invest so much in a series and it just doesn’t live up to hopes or expectations, isn’t it?!

    Lots of love, Helen x


  20. I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons of Arrow but then lost interest. The Flash and Supergirl were more my daughters’ thing – I got bored with them almost from the first season. *sigh* perhaps it’s my age…


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