Blue Tint Glasses Review

Blue Tint Glasses | Firmoo Glasses Review

I first wrote my blue tint glasses review back in February and it’s been pushed back and back. I’m finally posting it – and although my environment is more controlled in regards to lighting etc, I’m still wearing the glasses when I’m working all day.

This post is that it should be no means serve in the place of any medical advice. If you’re suffering from headaches and you don’t know why – or even if you do – speak to your doctor. There could be a number of things going on.

I’m extremely prone to bad headaches. Like, constantly. I’ve been to doctors, neurologists, done various tests. While sometimes there was something else going on, it seems I’m just triggered by everything: lack of sleep, lack of fluid, bright lights, because it’s a Tuesday… I can normally tell by how it feels what kind of headache it is.

Blue Tint Glasses

After the Christmas break, I realised I was getting more and more headaches in the office. It wasn’t my screen – I had the brightness turned right down. But there was something setting me off and I realised it was the lighting in the office. It’s bright, white light everywhere and it meant my eyes weren’t relaxing.

I spoke to my optician about my worries and they said that if I am light sensitive, an eye test wouldn’t show it. I had got my eyes tested recently before that so I knew it wasn’t my vision changing. Following their advice though, I invested in some non-prescription blue-light glasses.

Best £20 I’ve ever spent (price at time of purchase).

Blue tint glasses review

I now never take them off at work. Non-prescription means it doesn’t affect my vision but the tint in the lens gives everything a slightly yellow hue. You don’t notice when you’ve had them on for a while but if softens the white light and stops it being so harsh on my eyes. Almost from the first day I wore them, I noticed a massive difference.

Do blue tint glasses work?

Yes, I still get headaches – but only when other things have triggered them off. Even then, I’m finding that they aren’t exploding into severe migraines in the same way because my eyes aren’t reacting to the light as much.

It means I’m more focused at work and not having days where I can’t think straight, let alone be productive. But it’s also meaning that I’m more productive in the evenings as well because I’m not arriving home with a banging headache and just wanting to sleep.

Blue tint glasses review

I’m wearing them even while working from home, although the conditions aren’t as extreme. But when I’m in a brightly lit environment that I have no control over, I’m making sure I’ve got them with me. Feeling my eyes relax, knowing it helps me stay in control of the situation, makes such a difference.

Please, please, please seek medical advice first; I cannot stress this enough. But sometimes, its really satisfying that a simple solution is the most effective one. I shudder to think how long this would have taken a doctor to suggest as they first have to rule out any underlying problems.

Firmoo Glasses

I purchased my Firmoo glasses from Amazon. They come in a range of designs and are light-weight to wear. There’s no pressure points on my nose or ears and they don’t affect my vision. The coloured lens are subtle and soft and I honestly forget I’m wearing them.

Do you have problems with bright lights or looking at a screen? Have you tried non-prescription lenses?

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30 thoughts on “Blue Tint Glasses | Firmoo Glasses Review

    • They’ve got some really pretty designs as well – I was almost tempted to get more than one, aha. I personally found they really helped, it just softens the intensity and takes the brightness out – like you, mine was the lights not my actual screen and I definitely feel my eyes relax when I’ve got these on. I hope they can help!


  1. I was due to work with a blue light glasses brand before COVID but they couldn’t be shipped because they were coming from China. It’s such a shame cos I’ve heard so many good things about these glasses. The ones you have are a really lovely design as well! I get quite a lot of headaches too, triggered by too much sleep or too much computer or a change in the weather x


    • They had some really pretty designs – I was going to buy a second pair more summery if I’d still been in the office. Oh gosh everything triggers me ? but it really works to soften the light but not in a way your conscious of? If that even makes sense.


  2. I’ve been thinking about getting some of these. I’m not experiencing any symptoms but I’m in front of a screen pretty much all day and I’m worried about the long term impact on my eyes. I’m glad you’re having a good experience with these ones x



  3. Oooo! I didn’t even realise you COULD get non-prescription lens like this! I’ve had some blue tint glasses in the past and they did ease the strain! Glad these are working for you!

    Daisy xoxo


  4. So glad these have been helpful.

    I’ve found it hard to adjust to being back in the bright lights of my office again. I’m due to the opticians soon so I might inquire about them as I’ve heard so many great things x


    • Ooh definitely! I know you can get the tint put in prescription lenses as well but this gives you the option if, like me, you don’t need to wear your glasses at a screen. Not sure I need the blue tint for driving, haha. Honestly, it’s made such a difference for me.


    • They’ve got some really cute designs as well. I have to admit it’s the only brand I’ve heard of but that’s just because they suited my purposes so I didn’t look any further.


  5. I have something like this, though mine are prescription. Working on a computer all day, the difference with the filter both on my screen and glasses is significant – so much less eye strain and zero headaches. I had no idea you get a non-prescription version too!


  6. Great post! I’m one who also suffers from light sensitivity and I think I’m going to invest in a pair of these. Thanks for sharing!


  7. That’s really interesting to hear blue tint glasses work so well for you. My glasses are prescription (I have astigmatisms in both eyes and am basically blind as a bat) but I also have an anti-glare coating on them to cope with laptop lights and flickers. My headaches decreased dramatically when I got the anti-glare coating, it’s something I always have put on my glasses now.


    • That’s so good that it was beneficial for you to add it onto your normal prescription as well. I’m still kind of amazed to be honest by the difference it has made for me.


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