Legends Rise Review

Legends Rise Review | Devri Walls

Morning, everyone. I’m so excited to be part of the Write Reads tour for this one. I’ve been adoring the Venators series and am really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for my favourite characters this time. It’s time to dive back into the adventure with my Legends Rise review.

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Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group | Date: 2020 | Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult | Buy it here*

Plot: The path will be forged in sweat and blood. Rune, Grey, the shape-shifter Beltran, and willful vampire, Verida, set out to rescue their friend and mentor, Tate, from the gladiator games. But first they must navigate the perils of Eon and its warring factions. Each of this band of four carries with them a secret that threatens to tear their group apart from within. Rune now bears the mark of the promise she made to save Grey’s life-a nixie bubble lodged in her arm that could call her away to do their bidding or spell her death.

Even as their loyalty to their cause and to one another faces its greatest test, Rune’s twin brother Ryker is forging an alliance with their mortal enemy, the powerful sorceress Zio, who has plans of her own for the Venators and Eon. Hearts will be bared, secrets unveiled, and relationships made and destroyed in this stunning new instalment of the Venators series.

I received Legends Rise as part of a blog tour in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Legends Rise Review

Legends Rise Review

I jumped at the chance to read Legends Rise. The previous books have been strong: great characters, engaging plot and intriguing magic – how could I pass up the opportunity to continue the adventure? It was worth it: the third in the series is a gripping story exploring loyalty and whether blood-ties are stronger than chosen friendships.

Determined to save Tate from the gladiator games, Grey and Rune – with Verida and Beltran’s help – set off through the dangerous land on a rescue mission. The Venators are still struggling with events from book two: Rune has an unknown promise to fulfil and doesn’t know how to tell Grey about the deal she made. Circumstances have forced Grey to relive his worst moments, and he now has to process that.

Grey, Grey Grey… I could read the entire thing from this precious boy’s perspective and still not get enough. I love his character: his strength, his vulnerabilities and his pure heart. This book brings the cryptic clues about his past to light as he confides in Rune. Grey finds his confidence this time: not when he’s out saving the day, but in the quiet moments when he’d – normally – withdraw.

Rune has grown on me. Her emotions are a complex vortex not even she can navigate: she cares for Grey, but not in the way he wants. Beltran is messing with her head and heart until she’s not sure whether she wants to kiss or strangle him. Her loyalty to Ryker is put to the test – with the most satisfying conclusion I could hope for.

We learn a lot about the other characters. Verida’s past is revealed. She was always likeable, but now she’s more relatable. There’s a big reveal for Beltran. Ryker’s training advances but Zio has her own agenda – and it will be interesting to see where things go for these two.

“Glad we’re in agreement. Now, I did a little digging last night.”

“I hope you did more than that,” Verida said. “We need a miracle, not buried treasure.”

Legends Rise by Devri Walls

There’s a real shift in momentum with the ties between our heroes. Grey and Rune are honest with each other and you see them growing closer. Rune and Beltran’s relationship is spiralling in different directions but, ultimately, moving forward. The dynamic between the group is one of friendship: Verida’s snapping is good-natured teasing and Rune responds in like. The developing relationships add a new level of emotion into the interactions.

It’s the characters who make this series for me, but the plot is also engaging. The games add a heightened tension that avoiding a wolf pack doesn’t. It introduces new creatures, traitors and allies alike are revealed and the Venators discover powers more likely to kill them than help. As we learn more about the magic of this world, threats take all shapes and sizes and you never know what’s going to happen.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this series and feel it’s only getting stronger the better we know our protagonists – both their abilities and their hearts. The shift in relationships by the end of this book means I’m excited to see which direction it goes in next. More, please?

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Have you been reading this series? What do you think of the world of Venators?

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Legends Rise Review
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40 thoughts on “Legends Rise Review | Devri Walls

  1. This is such a great review!

    I can’t say I’ve heard of this before but that’s great that you enjoyed it!

    Love Lozza x


  2. I think it’s so rare to find a series that consistently gets better as you get through it so it’s amazing that this one impressed you so much. The character development sounds incredible too. Great review, I’m glad you’re enjoying the series x



  3. I hadn’t heard anything about this series before so will have to check it out based on your fantastic review! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. It’s great that this series is staying strong even several books in, and it sounds like the good character development is a large part of that. I’ve been hearing a lot about this series this year, and your reviews are definitely convincing me to try it out! Great review!


  5. I love when you read a series that you love and know that there are more books to come! Thanks for sharing a great review!


  6. I’ve never been big on fantasy reads, but whenever I read your reviews I always want to give it a try! The fact that it is still strong several books in says alot x


    • Aw that really makes my day. It’s not the genre for everyone but I’m glad you still enjoy reading the reviews. I’m excited to see where this series will go next.


  7. This was such a gripping review, Lindsey! I was hooked from the first paragraph!

    I love reading fantasy novels, and this one sounds right up my alley. You described the characters and brought forth their personalities so effortlessly.

    I’m definitely adding these books to my reading list – thank you for introducing me to them! 🤗

    Bianca xx | missmonro.com


  8. Fab review! I am not a huge fan of fantasy (though I do love it in Children’s books for some reason), but I definitely would like to give this series a shot. Fab characters, games, and more. Plus, I also like that cover!


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