Honor Bound Review

Honor Bound Review | Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre

Honor Among Thieves has been one of my favourite books this year. I’m delighted to be back with my Honor Bound review today!

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Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books | Date: 2019 | Genre: Science fiction/Young Adult | Buy it here*

Plot: Zara Cole was a thief back on Earth, but she’s been recently upgraded to intergalactic fugitive. On the run after a bloody battle in a covert war that she never expected to be fighting, Zara, her co-pilot Beatriz, and their Leviathan ship Nadim barely escaped the carnage with their lives.

Now Zara and her crew of Honors need a safe haven, far from the creatures who want to annihilate them. But they’ll have to settle for the Sliver: a wild, dangerous warren of alien criminals. The secrets of the Sliver may have the power to turn the tide of the war they left behind—but in the wrong direction.

Soon Zara will have to make a choice: run from the ultimate evil—or stand and fight.

Honor Bound review

Honor Bound Review

I thoroughly enjoyed Honor Among Thieves and eager for book two, ready for more space-faring adventures with Zara, her leviathan and her co-pilot.

Exploring characterisations tends to be my first stop on a review. This time, I want to acknowledge the diversity of our heroes: Zara comments on her colour by relating to a new friend, and recognising they faced the same struggles back on earth. The developing relationship between Zara and Bea is adorable, and brings in the LGBT community. While Starcurrent is actually a tentacled alien, ze also play a role of a non-binary character with no gender affixed to zim.

This is a book about alien warfare. It’s also a story about acceptance. Not only of other species and beings, but of ourselves. Zara appreciates the shortcomings of humanity, and while it is a bitter pill for her to swallow, it leaves both the characters and the readers with the need to do better. The danger is out there; it’s likewise within us if we act with violence rather than thinking.

The underlying messages add depth to Honor Bound. But they are subtle (at times), slipped in reminding us to be mindful. On the surface, this is an action-packed, suspense-filled, fun novel about fighting for survival in the form of dealing with alien species: some who want to bet on the crew, some to eliminate them, and others to bargain.

I felt him humming, deep inside, in frequencies that soothed something in me. A lullaby, giving me permission to sleep safe and dream of drinking sunlight.

Honor Bound by Rachel Caine and Anne Aguirre

If I liked the characters in book one, I loved them this time. Zara is no longer an angry, lost girl. She’s a pilot, she’s bonded with her leviathan, and if anyone thinks of messing with her crew, there’ll be hell to pay. We learn more about her strengths and tactical ability as Zara pushes her limits, and how far she will go to protect those she cares about.

A bigger crew doesn’t detract from caring and liking them all. Even characters that were cold and distant become likeable. They have strengths and weaknesses of their own, and room for development as much as Zara. We see these individuals coming together to work as a unit, and it’s a fantastic ride to go on with them.

Honor Bound is explores bigger themes than the first book, fitting as the trilogy continues. We’ve established the bad guys and the restrictions of space-travel: now it’s time to introduce other planets and multiple aliens. The descriptions are clear and the species an entertaining mix of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Just like any second part, the stakes are raised this time. A far greater threat looms over our characters. As the rules of engagement are made apparent, the team end up play a different game.

I feel this is a vague review because I’m eager to keep it spoiler free. But if you’re into science-fiction, space-battles and fantastic characters, then you need to check out this trilogy. Fantastic characters; developed relationships and a gripping threat – I’m really looking forward to the conclusion.

Grab your own copy!

Are you a science-fiction fan? Does this sound like your kind of book?

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34 thoughts on “Honor Bound Review | Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre

  1. I haven’t decided where I stand on sci-fi set in space yet but I’m really intrigued by this series so will definitely consider reading it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


    • Aww yay that makes me so happy to hear that! It’s not the genre for everyone, but it does have some great characters and development in it as well which is very satisfying.


      • Hi, Lindsey! I can tell you really love sci-fi books and you write about them very well too, carefully written and no spoilers. I think you still made a very thorough post about it. Not much of a fan of sci-fi, but this book review made it easy for me to grasp the storyline and I’m sure a lot of people will be intrigued about this book. 😊 thanks so much for sharing! x


    • Oh gosh me too. I have a feeling the third might be out as well – or due out very shortly (not sure though!). Definitely worth picking up if you enjoyed the first.


    • Ah yay that makes me so happy to hear. I really hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to read it. I’m looking forward to the third book coming out for sure!


  2. You’ve written such a great review, without giving away any spoilers. This sounds like such a great book to read and I like the fact that you enjoyed book 2 as much as book 1, which more often than not, is not the case when it comes to series.


  3. I love the messaging of this book and hope that you enjoy the third book as much as you have the first two. Great review!


  4. Great review! Not a genre I would usually go for, but you’ve kind of convinced me to give it a go! It sounds like you absolutely love it, and the characters sound great too. It’s always a good sign when the second book is just as good as the first one too. xx


    • Ah that makes me so happy to hear! It’s not the genre for everyone but these have been really fun reads so far and I’m intrigued about where both the plot and the relationships will go next.


  5. Glad you enjoyed the second in this series! I don’t read much YA or science fiction but I love how there are universal themes across genres, like acceptance. And so cool that they added some diversity and LGBTQ+ story lines.


    • Definitely! That’s what I’m loving about this – you could take it out of space and there would still be some really solid themes throughout the books, which is very cool.


  6. I’m not the biggest science fiction fan, but Honor Bound is definitely I book I could see myself liking. It’s amazing that they’ve included LGBTQ+ storylines, more inclusivity is definitely needed in the book world


  7. This sounds like an amazing book! I love that it is part of a series and that the character grows throughout the story. Character development always drives a good book forward. 🙂


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