What to watch in autumn

5 binge-worthy shows for Autumn

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s read a lot of posts lately recommending what to watch around Halloween. It’s been great – we all want ideas for what to watch in autumn.

I love seeing the different routes people take: some aiming towards a more family friendly approach, while others dig out the old-school horrors. I must admit I now really want to watch Casper – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it.

But what if, like me, you’re not bothered by Halloween? I never have been, even as a child. I’ve dressed up as a witch once and that’s it. It just… doesn’t do anything for me, I guess.

This year, perhaps because I’ve got more time to watch things, I found myself thinking about what I’d watch. I don’t care for the Halloween inspired films, but I felt like being a little seasonal this time around.

So, the list I offer you today is… binge-worthy series that have a Halloween element if you squint and stand on your head.

True, long-running series always feature holidays in them somewhere, but the main element of each of these is something otherly.

What to watch in Autumn?

There’re some ghosts, some vampires, some witches… To me, they’re just entertainment for an autumn evening though.


Goes without saying, really! I’ve recently started from the beginning again because I’m determined to get through all 15 seasons. Up until now, I’ve never got past season 5 – there’s a long way to go but it’s going to be a heck of a ride.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Fair enough, I am going back to old-school classics, after all. It’s been ages since I last binged this though and I’ve been feeling the urge to watch it again since finding it on Amazon Prime. Who doesn’t love some early 90’s fashion?

What to watch in Autumn


It’s about dead people, that’s a Halloween link, right? I’m about six seasons into Bones but also in the middle of a break because it was starting to get a bit same-y. I’ll head back to it soon though – as much because I’ve got lots of episodes recorded I need to clear. It’s enjoyable, but the plots are wearing thin.


This one is a bit of a stretch but considering it’s full of magic, I thought it would do. It’s also got much darker tones in it, which makes it a good one for curling up under a blanket and snuggling in. I’ve read mixed reviews on this – it didn’t blow me away, but I know of others who have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Teen Wolf

After seeing the first season years ago, I’ve finally got the entire way through this show and I love it! It’s a perfect one for those autumn evenings, with a real mix of emotions and entertainment thrown together. It’s something about the full moon that makes me think this is a good autumn one… like we don’t get full moons in the summer!

The five shows I would pick for an autumn night in without being strictly tied to Halloween.

What would you pick for an autumn evening?

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What to watch in autumn
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38 thoughts on “5 binge-worthy shows for Autumn

  1. Halloween also isn’t a big deal over here and since I also don’t do many scary reads or movies, I tend to let this season pass quietly 😅 I think I’d definitely love to rewatch Bones though! I’d watch a few episodes here and there but I really enjoyed that show.


    • I need to get back to it – I had a break after about 7 seasons and then just forgot to go back to it but they’re still sitting there waiting, so I really should, there’s a real charm to it!


  2. Great choices! I started Supernatural during the shelter in place, since I never watched more than the first episode — it’s slow progress, and I’ve only watched 3 seasons so far, but I’ll get there eventually. 🙂 Buffy is always a favorite.


  3. Great selections! I just finished the first Season of Ratched and it’s the perfect thriller for Autumn! The story is about Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and is on Netflix.


  4. I love Bones, one of my favourite shows ever but there’s quiet a lot going on in the later seasons so definitely stick with it. Buffy is such an old favourite but I haven’t watched in forever. I’ve never seen Cursed, I need to check that one out x


    • I think I paused after season 6 or 7, and just somehow forgot to go back to it. Need to tick off a few things that I’m watching at the moment but then definitely planning on going for a binge again. There’s definitely a charm to it. Cursed is okay – it’s a good autumn one, but wasn’t the strongest.


  5. These are some really good shows! I’ve only watched Teen Wolf and I loved it. I’ve heard good things about Supernatural I might have to give that a watch x


    • I finally finished Teen Wolf this year after it taking me forever to get around to it, despite having seen the first season years ago and loving it. I’m glad to have got through it because it’s awesome!


    • I think that’s why a lot of this list for me is now re-watches, or shows I’ve started so I know the feel of them for the exact same reason that I want the comfort rather than something I’m not sure on.


  6. I really want to start Bones with my man! We’re currently three seasons into Bate Motel and completely hooked. However, when we finish that, we will need something asap!



    • Bones is really good, but I did find I needed a break after about season 6/7 because the plots were starting to wear thin but I’m definitely going back to it and the beginning is really strong. I hope you enjoy it!


    • I had kind of mixed feelings about Cursed – I thought it got stronger but wasn’t a huge fan of the beginning. I keep meaning to actually get through Supernatural as well.


  7. I’ve been struggling to get through Supernatural for years too. I think it’s because I don’t like gore so need to take super long breaks after the more gruesome episodes?

    Buffy is 100% on the list of autumn TV. I’d add in some 90s Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Charmed for some lighter viewing that’s still fun and witchy. 🙂


    • Ah yeah that could be it. I keep being determined to start from the beginning and then I get distracted and don’t continue. One day I’ll get through it. Ah they’re fantastic suggestions!


  8. Whoa those are some amazing series! I’ve been wanting to watch Buffy since months but I couldn’t find it anywhere! May I ask where you watched it?


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