My Top 5 Disney Villains

My top 5 Disney villains

For such a Disney fan, I can’t believe I’ve never written a Disney post before. What a way to start – with my top 5 Disney villains (not in order of evilness).

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’ve been in the mood to do some seasonal content this year. I’ve never been a seasonal reader though, which has made it tricky deciding what content to post.

A few week’s ago, Jenny in Neverland posted this awesome list of ideas for this time of year. While some of these posts sound a lot of fun, this one really stuck out to me, and I couldn’t resist.

I’m a big Disney fan. There’s normally something related snuck into my film wrap up’s. Since getting Disney+ earlier in the year, I’ve been entertaining myself with the classics as well as venturing into the films I hadn’t seen before. I avoided a “what to watch” post though as I love returning to my favourites rather than exploring new movies.

My top 5 Disney Villains

I’m all for rooting for the heroes and true love to win through. Who doesn’t?

But what are our heroes without their villains? How can they prove themselves with nothing to fight against?

With that in mind, here are my top five Disney villains!

Top 5 Disney Villains


I’m talking from the original Sleeping Beauty, not the new films. She’s snubbed from a party, so curses a baby. Then spends years adamant said child would not survive, going out of her way to ensure it.

But it doesn’t matter how evil she is… she turns into a dragon! You cannot beat that (unless you’re Prince Philip with an enchanted sword…)


Hmm, he has the same green light around him as Maleficent, and everything happens for a reason with Disney…

So, aside from the entire plot of murdering your brother and nephew to become a tyrant king, you know why Scar makes it this far up the list? He has one of the coolest villain songs… and if you don’t get Be Prepared stuck in your head, are you even watching the same film?


He had to be on my list for the simple reason that Aladdin has always been my favourite. There is something sinisterly creepy about him: the power-grab you kind of get but his sudden desire to marry Jasmine? Shudder.


Again, wants to marry the hero and turns into a giant creature? If that’s criteria to make it onto the list, then she’s a fierce contender. But also, like Scar, she tries to befriend our princess to start with, then steals her voice, takes her man and tries to kill her father. Pretty dramatic on the villain scale.


I saw The Emperor’s New Groove years ago, and then recently re-watched it. Yzma isn’t on her for the evilness, but because she a) has a secret lab and b) spends half the plot clueless of what is going on as the rest of us. I forgot how brilliant this film was and who doesn’t want to fight villains who turn their enemies into llamas (even by accident).

These are my top five, albeit for various reasons. I couldn’t do it by actual evilness!

Do you agree with my list? Who are your top five Disney villains?

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Top 5 Disney Villains
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21 thoughts on “My top 5 Disney villains

  1. Yay so glad you did this one! Very good list. I love Maleficent in the original. She’s so evil but like… so cool at the same time? For me, Scar is the worst villain. I just can’t get over how cruel he is to a freaking BABY. Like Simba is a BABY. Why is he so mean to him. I literally can’t watch The Lion King cos it makes me cry too much haha xxx


    • It was so much fun so I’m thinking of doing more now! Oh that always makes me cry as well, I have to be in the mood. So much TRAUMA. Maleficent is very cool indeed! Thanks for the idea suggestion!!


  2. I love a comical villain more than I do a truly evil villain like Ursula and Maleficent (in fact, those two have always terrified me) so I’m definitely with you on Yzma. I love her, and she is one of the best things about The Emperor’s New Groove. However, if I had to go for an evil villain, I like Mother Gothel. Obviously kidnapping Rapunzel as a baby and emotionally manipulating her is evil but she has such sass as well which is rather well done.


  3. Yzma is my all time favourite! Her and Hades and my faves, largely due to the levels of sass they gave.

    I dressed as Yzma for Halloween a couple of years ago and it’s still one of the costumes I’m proudest of!

    Ashleigh x


  4. Great list. Completely agree with Scar and Jafar. I would need to try and get Cruella Deville on there too though. I mean, she makes costs out of puppies!


  5. Great list, Lindsey! Jafar is definitely in my top 5 as well, he is very sinister lol. Shere Khan from The Jungle Book is really crafty and my favourite Disney film is Hercules, so Hades will probably go in my top 5 ☺


  6. YES! Ursula is definitely high up on my list. She’s one tough woman – She knows what she wants and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it… including befriending the princess, dealing with her father (well, trying to anyway), etc. She’s determined to come out on top lol


  7. Love this! I absolutely love Emperor’s new groove, I re-watched it again recently too! Yzma would probably be on my list too as she is totally clueless and I love Kronk. x


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