The Rise of the Altereds Review

The Rise of the Altereds Review | Marisa Noelle

Having enjoyed the first book, I was intrigued to see how the story would develop for Silver and her friends. As always, second books leave me doubtful, and this one had a few points I wasn’t sure on. But, overall, it was a good read. I’m sharing my The Rise of the Altereds review – enjoy!

Publisher: WritePlan | Date: 2020 | Genre: YA/Science-Fiction

Plot: Genetic modification has been outlawed.

The remaining altered want revenge.

When Silver’s mother is abducted by a rogue scientist who releases a deadly new virus on the populace, she and her now unadjusted friends are faced with an impossible choice.

They can hide from the virus for as long as possible, or they can regain their abilities and take the battle to the mountains. But Silver doesn’t count on a new, rogue power growing within her. She can’t control it and soon all her friends are in danger. And there is something evil hiding in the snowy Sierras.

Can Silver learn to control her new, deadly power in time to rescue her mother as well as defeat the one who seeks to destroy them all?

I received The Rise of the Altereds from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Rise of the Altereds Review

The Rise of the Altereds Review

After enjoying The Unadjusteds last year, I looked forward to the chance of continuing to explore this world. I love the premise: it’s not having abilities that makes you different, it’s choosing not to. It has the potential to really go deep into human nature.

Rise of the Altereds takes place almost straight after events of the first book. Still reeling from their losses, grieving and afraid of what is coming next, Silver and her friends must regroup and re-plan if they have any hope of saving Silver’s mother. But after sacrificing their gifts for the greater good, it soon becomes obvious there’s only one way to fight, and that’s by taking their powers back.


Silver was a strong protagonist in the first volume, and while she doesn’t lose that, there are some traits that feel typical of a second book. After accepting her skills, Silver spends most of the time doubting herself, alternating between wanting to take on the world, and believing they are all doomed because of her.

There’s also an element of selfishness to her. A lot happens to the gang, and her concern is how it affects her, their mission and people’s opinions. One scene in particular grated on me: when Silver decides her best friend should abort her unborn child because of a potential risk. It was good to see said friend stick up for herself.

I realise we can no longer call ourselves unadjusted. We are altered, in the purest sense of the word. Altered not just by genetics, but by experiences and war.

The Rise of the Altereds by Marisa Noelle

The other characters are all still great fun. With their powers back, their personalities shine through and the bonds between them make them feel like an unstoppable force. Noelle introduces new people this time, which led to some confusion about who was capable of what, but you get to know them as the book progresses.


That’s not to say they are invincible, though. Again, like with a lot of second books, getting from A to B took up a significant amount of time, which stunted both the pacing and the development of the characters and left me wanting more.

But when the action happens, it explodes onto the page with such force that you don’t blink, let alone put the book down. The shocking change in pace leaves you as stunned and reeling as the characters, and it was these moments that made this a solid read for me.


The fights are well-described given the unique abilities at play, although it would have been nice to see what the others are capable of, as well as Silver. There are some big creatures this time, but also some elements of a virus that perhaps touched a little too close to home.

The ending was satisfying, but typically introduced the new threat for the following book – if we hadn’t already guessed the story wasn’t over for Silver. It worked to catch my attention, though.

Final Thoughts

This is a solid and engaging read, with strong characters fighting to make their world a safer place, regardless of what that costs them personally. I’m enjoying the adventure and looking forward to where it goes next.

Does this sound like your kind of book? How do you feel about second books in a series?

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