Welcome 2021 | Goals and Ambitions

I’m sure I’m not the only one more than happy to bring in a new year. So, without further ado, let’s welcome 2021!

Here we are.

A new year.

A new start.

2020 was – to use everyone’s favourite word – unprecedented. The pandemic that wiped out the world; the black lives matter movement… There were times of extreme darkness but also times where we saw unity, empowerment and hope. We can only hope change is coming, and change for the better in all cases.

I looked back at last year’s goals when writing this out of curiosity. They were the usual things you’d expect. But it made me realise that my new year’s post has been full of the same content for several years now. The fact I’m setting the same goals each year clearly shows it’s not working.

Welcome 2021

Welcome, 2021 – a new year with new dreams

But before I get into what I’d like to do this year, I wanted to reflect a little more on last.

Although I got through the first lockdown okay, by the latter half of the year, my anxiety was worse than it’s ever been. I’ve retreated into myself and it’s going to be a challenge to feel comfortable going to places where I know there will be a lot of other people when the time comes.

As a result of increased anxiety, I’ve also found it significantly harder to keep my focus. I’ve spent a lot of time frustrated recently, feeling like I’m wasting days – and not in a chilled out, self-care way either.

But I also had positives. In October, I changed job to a more advanced position with a different company. While this too has had an impact on my mental health, it opens a lot of doors for me in regards to bigger plans that otherwise were impossible. I’m hoping this will be the year I’ll get my own place!

I finally made the switch to self-hosting with the blog. I did wonder whether I’d done the right thing as I lost my motivation a little. But I’m taking things back to the topics that make me happy to write, rather than trying to be someone I’m not.

There have been positives in a year of negativity, and that’s what I’m holding on to. I know where my struggles have been, but I also know what’s worked well for me.

This year, I have one goal. One resolution. One ambition.

To be the best version of myself that I can.

No, I don’t currently know how I’m going to do it. But what I do know is that it will be prioritising self-care. It will be finding my passions, and taking the time to indulge in them, even if it’s not “productive”. It will be discovering what I want, what makes me happy, and doing it.

I don’t know if that will be turning exercise into a proper routine; finding writing time even when I’m busy; learning how to recognise my triggers earlier. All or none of the above. But it will be accepting who I am, what makes me happy, and encouraging it.

Do you have goals for this year? What are your intentions to welcome 2021?

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30 thoughts on “Welcome 2021 | Goals and Ambitions

  1. Love this post girl! Although I do now absolutely DESPISE the word “unprecedented” haha! I think your goal for this year is amazing. I’ve not set any goals for 2021, just 3 intentions, 1) to be present every day, 2) to spend more quality time and less time scrolling and 3) follow my heart. Although it was shit, I definitely think 2020 gave us a lot to think about and a lot to consider about how we want to be and live our lives going forward. I think you’re already pretty cool but here’s to being the best versions! ❤


    • Thank you SO much! I’m definitely guilty of your number two far too much right now so need to start making a point of being more mindful of how I’m spending my time, but apparently that’s easier said than done, aha!


  2. This is such an honest post and I love that you have created one goal that is achievable in so many ways. I got through the first and second lockdowns pretty well but this one I have to admit, I’m struggling a lot.


  3. Great post! I agree with sticking to topics you enjoy or else it seems like just another task. Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2021.


  4. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to making goals. I realise that I tend to make the same ones year in year out, and like you say, they’re clearly pointless if nothing changes. I have no goals for this year but to act on life and simply be who I need to be to get through it.


  5. Congrats on your new job role! It’s been a really rubbish year, but it’s so important to remember that good things also happened instead og hyperfocusing on only the negatives. WIshing you all the best for 2021. This is your year! ♥️


    • Thank you so much! Definitely – it’s too easy to focus on the negatives when things are hard but there have been some nuggets of positivity. Same to you as well!


  6. Unprecedented is a good word for 2020 and aptly lyrical.
    I love your single ambition for this year; being the best me that I can be every single day of my life is something that adds to my days and often gives me double the reason to think. 🙂


  7. To be honest I love this goal and I think it’s one of the best ones to have! One of my biggest goals this year is to be more confident and I also have no idea how to do that x


    • It’s hard, isn’t it? When the goal feels right and then you’re just like right, what do I do? I wish you every luck with it though and hope you find a way to achieve it!


    • I nearly didn’t because of feeling wobbly with everything. You certainly don’t need to have goals, not the way things have been lately. I hope you’re okay!


  8. I love this post and such a good goal choice too! I think this year, so many of us are changing how we approach the new year and instead of giving ourselves specific targets, we’re embracing more of intentions and personal growth. Happy New Year as well!


    • Thank you! I have realised the only trouble is having no idea if I’ve managed to achieve it or not, haha! But definitely got an aim on focusing on me this year. Happy New year to you as well!


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