Top 5 Disney Princesses

My Top 5 Disney Princesses

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m having far too much fun with this series. While I can think of different categories, I’m keeping ‘em coming! But today, it’s all about my top 5 Disney princesses.

We’ve had our swash-buckling princes come and save the day. But – let’s be honest – would they have got anywhere without their princesses?


It’s our girls who figure it out, give them the nudge and end up saving the day themselves.

There’s definitely a correlation between my favourite villains and heroes. But there’s a few princesses who are bad-asses without a man being involved.

My Top 5 Disney Princesses

As we all need some fun in our lives, here are my top 5 (who may or may not be royalty!)

Mulan (the original)

C’mon! She literally saves the empire by herself!

She also risks the most? Defying her father and her society would have far reaching consequences, but she does it anyway. She also doesn’t have secret fighting skills when she signs up – she learns it, and beats the lot of them. Nothing this gal cannot do (apart from pour a cup of tea).


She may not be the one with magical powers, but we all know who the true hero of Frozen is. The naïve innocence of Anna makes her such a heartfelt character: she doesn’t want power; she doesn’t want glory; just her sister back.

Maybe it’s because I’m the little sister myself but Anna just speaks to me on so many levels!

Top 5 Disney Princesses


She’s not a princess. You can even argue she’s a bad guy half of the time. But Meg’s sass guaranteed her a place on the list!

She’s a character I’ve liked more now I’m older as I’m certain half of her epic lines went over my head as a child. No wonder Herc gets all flustered in her presence, but watching as an adult had me in fits of laughter. She also had the great moment of being prepared to let her guy go to live his dream, even if it was without her.


While Simba runs away to grow up forgetting about all his cares and worries, Nala grows up under tyranny, keeps her pure heart and adventurous spirit and is quick to put Simba in his place about his responsibilities. If she was the rightful Queen all along, Scar wouldn’t have stood a chance.


This film had to make it onto the list somehow, let’s be honest. But out of all the princesses around this time (the early 90’s and before), Jasmine is one of the few who has spunk. She flatly refuses to be married off, stands up for herself and sees through Aladdin’s BS straight away. She also has a pet tiger. I mean, that has to count for something, right?

This was harder than I thought to be able to narrow it down to five. There’s more of a focus on strong female leads in Disney now compared to twenty years ago, and I hope this trend continues for the next generation.

Who are your top five? Let me know!

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36 thoughts on “My Top 5 Disney Princesses

  1. Yay love these posts! Jasmine would definitely be on my list too but probably more so from the remake because I loveeeeee her in the remake and her song is amazing. I listen to it in the shower haha!


  2. I always loved Meg as a kid – she was such a sass pot who just did what she wanted. She was my favourite for years. This post has got me wishing I could sack work off for a full on Disney day!



  3. It’s interesting that you’ve included Meg and Mulan in the mix because when I think about princesses, they don’t count. I place them in a group of “female heroines” alongside other characters like Moana, Pocahontas, and Esmeralda and it seems more in line with the new generation of Disney films and characters. However, I do include Anna as one of the princesses and she’s in my top 5 alongside Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel and Cinderella.


  4. I’m not sure who my top 5 would be entirely, but I have a serious love for Merida from Brave. That girl knows what she likes, knows who she is and isn’t afraid to push back against traditions that don’t fit that. Power to her!


  5. I love a post about Disney princesses and you’ve done a great job in letting us now who you love! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Aww, love that this list does not only include the stars of the films! I enjoy the loyalty and love of Anna and the temperament of Jasmine. The original Mulan is also a character I love to watch again and again! She is so determined and light-hearted at the same time. 🙂


  7. I LOVE that you’ve included Nala in your list, she is definitely a role model. As you say, Simba takes off but she stays put, which is much harder to do. And I love Belle too, although how much of that is due to rewatching Once Upon A Time in Netflix is open to question… Great list! x


    • She’s such an underrated character, I’m sure. Ooh I’ve been managing to persuade myself to not start a rewatch but Belle’s one of my favourites in that too!


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