A Psalm of Storms and Silence Review

A Psalm of Storms and Silence Review | Roseanne A. Brown

After lamenting last month about taking too long to tackle my TBR, I was delighted to be approved for this ARC! Reading a series almost back-to-back and getting a review up near publication date? What’s happened to me? Keep reading for my review on A Psalm of Storms and Silence.

Publisher: Balzer + Bray | Date: 2021 | Genre: Fantasy

Plot: Karina lost everything after a violent coup left her without her kingdom or her throne. Now the most wanted person in Sonande, her only hope of reclaiming what is rightfully hers lies in a divine power hidden in the long-lost city of her ancestors.

Meanwhile, the resurrection of Karina’s sister has spiraled the world into chaos, with disaster after disaster threatening the hard-won peace Malik has found as Farid’s apprentice. When they discover that Karina herself is the key to restoring balance, Malik must use his magic to lure her back to their side. But how do you regain the trust of someone you once tried to kill?

As the fabric holding Sonande together begins to tear, Malik and Karina once again find themselves torn between their duties and their desires. And when the fate of everything hangs on a single, horrifying choice, they each must decide what they value most—a power that could transform the world, or a love that could transform their lives.

I received A Psalm of Storms and Silence from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Psalm of Storms and Silence Review

A Psalm of Storms and Silence Review

Having adored the first book, I had high hopes for A Psalm of Storms and Silence. It didn’t disappoint. I feared character resets at a few points, but it came through with every turn. The tension, the pace, the relationships – everything about this worked for me, and I loved it.

Although I felt the same in book one, the same is true here: it’s the characters who make this for me.


Karina goes from strength to strength. She’s still headstrong, but becomes more of a team player. With her magic tied to her emotions, Karina is a literal tornado at times. I loved watching her embrace both her powers and her destiny and you see the queen in her shine through.

Malik… Oh precious Malik, how I love this boy. I admit I worried where his character would go: there were a couple of resets and he drifted down dark paths at times. He also struggled to overcome what he classed as weaknesses, and I wasn’t sure we’d get the same growth from him. But oh, was I wrong! He didn’t just grow; he flourished. He’s vulnerable, manipulated and has a dark hole he can’t fill, and it just makes him more of a hero.

As much as I love these two, it’s their relationship that takes this to the next level. There’re so many complicated emotions – they’ve tried to kill one another, affected by their ancestors and history, and unable to deny their connection. I was rooting for them the entire time, and knew when they came together it would be explosive.

He didn’t stop. He didn’t think. Malik simply moved forward, a hurricane of power tearing through the world, the screams of the dying following in his wake as he led his sisters to safety.


We understand a lot more about the world this time as the characters themselves venture outside of the city walls. It’s not just the location, but the history as well; how ancient rivals and destiny came into being.

As both Karina and Malik learn about their magic, we understand more about that too. While I understood there were different types, some of the finer details were – admittedly – lost on me.


I like Brown’s writing style. The one chapter each works so well. I’ve read so many where you spend too long with one character you get thrown off. The alteration builds the tension well, keeps the pacing even and you witness characters develop at the same time. It really works!

While I wasn’t completely sold on the end, I appreciate what it tries to do. Maybe there is no perfect ending given what they’ve been through, although it felt bittersweet.

Final Thoughts

It’s fair to say, I’ve enjoyed this series. The magic and the world-building appealed to the type of fantasy I love. The sparks between Malik and Karina made you root for them throughout. A definite recommendation.

Have you read this series? Does it sound like your kind of thing?

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14 thoughts on “A Psalm of Storms and Silence Review | Roseanne A. Brown

  1. Great review! This book is one of the most anticipated titles on my TBR this month, so it’s good to hear that you enjoyed this. I like that there is some expansion in terms of world-building and lore because that was one of the things that confused me in the first book due to not having enough detail. I can’t wait to pick this up!


  2. Great review. I haven’t read this series yet but I love that its continued to be good with each book. Sometimes it can be hard to get a series just right, but it sounds like the author has with these.


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