Book Tag: Currently Reading

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It’s definitely time for another book tag. This time, I am braving the Currently Reading book tag that I discovered over on Zezee with Book’s blog a while ago. Go and check out her awesome answers here! (Then come back, please?)

I’ll admit it, I love doing book tags because they are a quick and easy way of getting a blog post scheduled. But they are also fun to do – it’s amazing how many times the questions have caught me out! So if you’re looking for a post or just want some fun, give this a go!

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The Book Blogger Inside Tag


I saw this one over on The Bookie Monsters and thought it was a great way of exploring what it means to be a book blogger. Go and take a look at the awesome answers over there!

I have to admit to breaking the rules slightly and not doing the traditional tag five people part of it. I figured that everyone who wants a go should just go for it. Plus the people I would tag have most likely done this!

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Book Tag: Do You Actually Have Good Taste In Books?

Book Tags

As soon as I saw this tag over on My Little Book Blog, I knew I had to give it a go. The title alone made me grin – and once I had read through some of the questions, it sounded like great fun.

I hope you enjoy my answers – and that I don’t make myself cringe with my tastes too much! But before we start, I strongly recommend you read My Little Book Blog’s tag – go, go go, it’s here.

Then, you know, come back and read mine. Please?

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Book Tag: The Goodread’s Book Tag

Book Tags

Hellllllo everyone! It’s book tag time again – yay! I love writing this posts, I always find them relaxing (until I can’t think of an answer!) and a nice, quick post to get done amidst all the chaos. I delayed writing this one as long as I could so the books being mentioned weren’t just books I would then review, but who knows if I have managed to carry that off – there is only so long you can put off writing a post!

I found this tag over at Bookshelves and Biros and would strongly recommend you go and read their awesome answers (then come back here and read my not-so-awesome answers!)

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Book Tag: Summer Book Tag

Book Tags

After last week’s post about organisation, here I am doing a summer book tag… at the wrong end of summer. But never mind, at least I got around to it before Autumn officially started. I think… I don’t even know when that is!

Anyway, this awesome tag I found over at A Book Lovers Playlist, so I strongly recommend you go and check out their fantastic posts. Then, preferably, come back and laugh at my attempts to match books with summer. So hold onto the sun and grab a book for the Summer Book Tag!Read More »

Book Tag: Favourite Characters

Book Tags

It’s that time of the month again. Already. I saw this book tag over at FandomsontheRun and I would strongly suggest going to check out the blog. Only just discovered it myself but I love it.

If anyone has any suggestions for book tags, please let me know. I’m starting to struggle finding them or, at least, finding ones that I can actually answer. At least month by month my read pile is growing compared to when I first started.

So without any further ado, let’s explore some characters!

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