Book Tag: Anything But Books

Book Tags

The one thing with disappearing for a while means I have a backlog of posts to get through. That includes quite a few tags. I love doing tags though, so no complaints here.

I was tagged by The Awkward Book Blogger for this one! I strongly suggest you go and check out their blog – because it is awesome!

So, this one got me thinking because I couldn’t just stare at my goodreads’ page and wait for the answers to jump out at me. I hope you enjoy!

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Book Tag: The Ten Book Challenge

Book TagsHere we are again: Book Tag time! I’ve enjoyed the books I have read this month and hope you have enjoyed reading some of the reviews that have been posted.

Now, however, it is time to examine some books that have a real sense of meaning for me. I saw this post over at Brins Book Blog, which I strongly recommend you all go and have a look at.

The idea is not to think too deeply about the books here; your gut-reaction to the questions. Something tells me that I am going to find this quite difficult.

Without any further ado, here is my ten book challenge:

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Book Tag: The Book Sacrifice Tag

Book Tags

I’m pretty sure that I get nearly all of my tags from the same few blogs. Oh well, shows they are definitely worth a follow and an inspiration to us all. This one was once again found at My Little Book Blog and you should definitely go and check it out.

The title of this one is making me shiver – I feel I’m going to have to wrench my heart in order to get some truthful answers. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? So, without further ado, here is my Book Sacrifice Tag.Read More »

Book Tag: Your Bookish Identity

Book Tags

End of the month can only mean one thing: book tag time!

It is always quite nice getting to this post: I know it’s going to be fun and relatively quick and easy to do. As the rest of the month is a battle to ensure that I have the review up on time, it makes a nice change.

This time, I’m looking at my bookish identity! I found this on Dream Land Book Blog here and definitely recommend checking out her awesome answers!

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Book Tag: Currently Reading

Book Tags

It’s definitely time for another book tag. This time, I am braving the Currently Reading book tag that I discovered over on Zezee with Book’s blog a while ago. Go and check out her awesome answers here! (Then come back, please?)

I’ll admit it, I love doing book tags because they are a quick and easy way of getting a blog post scheduled. But they are also fun to do – it’s amazing how many times the questions have caught me out! So if you’re looking for a post or just want some fun, give this a go!

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The Book Blogger Inside Tag


I saw this one over on The Bookie Monsters and thought it was a great way of exploring what it means to be a book blogger. Go and take a look at the awesome answers over there!

I have to admit to breaking the rules slightly and not doing the traditional tag five people part of it. I figured that everyone who wants a go should just go for it. Plus the people I would tag have most likely done this!

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Book Tag: Do You Actually Have Good Taste In Books?

Book Tags

As soon as I saw this tag over on My Little Book Blog, I knew I had to give it a go. The title alone made me grin – and once I had read through some of the questions, it sounded like great fun.

I hope you enjoy my answers – and that I don’t make myself cringe with my tastes too much! But before we start, I strongly recommend you read My Little Book Blog’s tag – go, go go, it’s here.

Then, you know, come back and read mine. Please?

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