Film Review: Alice Through The Looking Glass

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Whisked back to Wonderland after stepping through a mirror, Alice must redefine her belief in the impossible when she must travel in time in order to save the Hatter and his family. After infiltrating Time’s castle and stealing what she needs to complete her mission, Alice is determined to set right some of the wrongs.

But the past is a tricky place, and being pursued by Time makes things harder. Iracebeth is on her tail as well and whatever Alice tries, it doesn’t seem to work. But she is given an important lesson: don’t change the past, learn from it.Read More »

Film Review: Water for Elephants

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Jacob has his whole life planned when devastating news leaves him without a family, a home or finances. Not knowing what else to do, he runs.

But fate causes him to jump aboard a train. A train that houses a magnificent circus. But Jacob’s luck hasn’t completely turned around. The circus owner is a man with a temper, one who is prone to take it out on his animals and his employees.

When an elephant named Rosie joins the circus, Jacob is drawn to Marlena, his boss’ wife. Falling in love could destroy Jacob, but he can’t let Marlena go.Read More »

Film Review: Chappie

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Police robots are maintaining peace in South Africa. But it isn’t enough for their inventor, Deon. He wants to create a conscious being. When he succeeds, however, his problems are only just beginning.

Three gangsters are on the run, owing too much money in too little time. They see this conscious robot – Chappie – as their way out. They never knew they would form a genuine attachment to their “child”.

Vincent wants his robot to succeed on the market. For that to happen, he must destroy Deon’s creations. Most importantly, that means Chappie.

Can opposite forces work together to save Chappie?

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Film Review: Zootropolis

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Judy Hopps doesn’t know when to quit. It doesn’t matter there has never been a bunny cop before because she is going to be the first, no matter what everyone tells her. But after completing training and moving to the city of Zootropolis, Judy must prove that she is a real cop to her colleagues and the citizens of Zootropolis.

When Judy takes on a missing otter case, the pressure increases. Working alongside a con-fox who wants to help himself, Judy discovers finding the missing otter is only just the beginning. Can she overcome her prejudices to save the day?Read More »

Film Review: Kill Your Darlings

Plot: The year is 1944 and Allen Ginsberg is starting his journey towards becoming one of the greatest poets of the time. But the path to success is not an easy one and Allen must discover who he truly is if he is to succeed.

His new friends – including Lucien Carr, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs – encourage him towards a literary revolution, but that isn’t the biggest change in Allen’s life. He must discover himself, including his sexual orientation and deal with the consequences of falling for the wrong person. Even if that path eventually leads towards murder and crime.




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Film Review: London Has Fallen

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London Has Fallen 2


Plot: When the Prime Minister dies suddenly, the President of the United States makes his way over to England to pay his respects. Leading his security team is none other than Mike Banning, a close friend and the man charged with protecting the President.

Mike’s skills are put to the test when the funeral turns into a blood bath as a mass terrorist attack takes place, targeting the President along with other world leaders. Not knowing who he can trust or where to go, Mike must face extreme odds if he is going to keep his friend alive and safe.

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Film Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman 1

Kingsman 2Plot: When a vacancy opens up in the elite spy force, Kingsman, Eggsy finds himself as a candidate, despite being the furthest thing from a gentleman there is. The training is harsh, his fellow candidates even harsher, but Eggsy has a legacy to live up to: his father was a Kingsman.

Meanwhile, a threat to the entire world emerges as Valentine – a rich genius with far too much technology – decides that a cull is required to save the world from itself. Eggsy must decide, and fast, whether he truly has it in him to do something worth-while with his life.


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Film Review: Everest

Plot: Everest: the ultimate challenge. Reaching the summit is a challenge of a life-time, the one thing that all climbers want to ascend to. Everyone has their own motivations for risking the elements, the mountains and their lives and nothing, not even the weather or lack of oxygen, is going to hold them back.

Based on the true, tragic story, Everest follows Rob Hall and his team as they attempt to reach the summit. As the weather closes in and conditions deteriorate, the race isn’t to get to the top. It is to get back down again with their lives.


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Film Review: Dracula: Untold

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Dracula Untold 2Plot: With his kingdom under threat from the Turks, Prince Vlad will do anything to protect the children from being enslaved, including his own son. But the quest for power will cost him more riches and gold than he has. It will cost him his soul.

As Vlad struggles to remain human, his people flee to the mountains. The Turks bring the fight to them though, and in an intense struggle, Vlad must decide between losing the final remains of his humanity or losing everything he had fought so hard for. On that dark battlefield, a legend is created: Dracula.


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Film Review: The Martian

The Martian 1

The Martian 2Plot: After an ash storm, Mark Watney finds himself stranded. On Mars. With limited supplies, a feeble shelter and initially no way to contact Earth. Tackling one problem at a time, Mark finds ways to survive, including growing potatoes from his own waste and the limited supplies he has.

When word reaches Earth, rescue plans are put into place. But things aren’t that simple and when the first probe fails to deliver supplies and Mark’s shelter is all but destroyed, arriving safely back on Earth no longer seems possible. Mark is a practical man though; he will not give up.



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